A wedding photoshoot in Dubai is a memorable event for every couple. Visitors will find impeccable locations in the city and pick the best background for their photos. Starting from snow-covered mountain picks to breathtaking skyscrapers and endless desert sands, destinations for any character and temperament can be found in Dubai.

Jumeirah parks or Al-Mamzar are what incorrigible romantics want. A photo session in an underwater aquarium (this location has become more and more popular in recent years) will add unique pictures to your wedding album. Professional photographers advise trying the safari tour to thrill-seekers and adventure-lovers.

Reasons to Choose a Photographer in Dubai

  1. If you visit the city for the first time (or have been there just several times), you can’t know all the locations where the best views are found. A skilled photographer, who provides services in Dubai, perfectly knows all the city corners and picturesque destinations.
  2. Every couple is treated individually. A photographer will advise the location judging by the temperament and characters of each couple. Adventure-lovers will like the safari tour, while romantic personalities will prefer to arrange the session on board a yacht or in the Miracle Garden.
  3. Experienced photographers have professional equipment, including lighting, photo cameras with different lenses.

The Best Photo Zones and Locations for Wedding Photoshoot

Let’s briefly list the most popular venues for wedding photoshoots:

  1. On a beach with Burj Khalifa in the background;
  2. In an underwater aquarium;
  3. In the desert;
  4. In the Miracle Garden;
  5. Onboard of a yacht.

Remember that the success of photos is the work of a photographer. A skilled service provider should manage to find the right foreshortening, lighting, moment. The main task of a photo is to catch the right moment and keep sincere emotions for ages. And the photographer should know how to do it correctly.

A wedding in Dubai is an exciting and touching event filled with romance and charm. A colorful and bright photo shoot will help to keep the warmest memories about him. Pictures taken by a professional wedding photographer will always remind you of a joyful day of life and at the same time cause a range of happy and trembling feelings. Our agency cooperates with real masters of their craft. They put all their skills, a lot of experience, and a piece of their soul into their masterpieces. Photos and videos of the best quality will keep memories of your beautiful Love Story for years to come.

First, you need to figure out what stages and moments your holiday will consist of so that the photographer can prepare equipment and ideas for your photoshoot in advance. It can be shooting the morning of the bride and groom, an exit ceremony, or near the favorite place of the newlyweds. Dubai is deservedly recognized as one of the best places for a wedding photoshoot. Its charming atmosphere, reminiscent of oriental fairy tales beloved from childhood, magnificent seascapes, ultramodern buildings create excellent opportunities to capture the tenderness and devotion of the newlyweds' relationship. In order to make an unforgettable photo or video session, it is enough to express your wishes. You will be selected places where the most spectacular and original shots are guaranteed to be obtained. More popular among newlyweds are:

* mind-blowing shots against the backdrop of skyscrapers;

* romantic photos on the seashore;

* original photos with a view of the ancient Arab architecture;

* extreme shots in the desert.

Choosing a photographer is one of the most important points in the organization of any wedding. It depends on him which photos you will show to your children many years later, and then to your grandchildren. The wedding frames will capture one of the happiest moments in a person's life.

When organizing a wedding abroad, you get two options for choosing a photographer: bring a specialist with you or order on the spot. It is worth remembering that the departure of a specialist abroad increases the cost of his work because the payment for flights and accommodation is added.

Photographers will make any, even the most daring and extravagant ideas a reality, help you feel the atmosphere of Dubai, and create photos that will forever preserve happy feelings on this unforgettable day. The specialists we work with have the know-how to create so that wedding photos and videos turn out to be lively, natural, and beautiful.

Our advantages:

* work only with modern high-quality equipment;

* generation of ideas and the best scenarios for a romantic holiday;

* preliminary meeting with customers to discuss all the wishes;

* pre-designed details and props;

* readiness for creative improvement.

Years will pass, and your children and grandchildren will admire your youth, beauty, and romantic relationships. We will keep these exciting moments in your memory.

Preparing for the holiday is best to start with the search for a good photographer. Why? When the guests leave, all the dishes will be tasted, contests will be held, the show will be shown - in addition to pleasant memories, you will have photographs of this special day. Therefore, we do not recommend saving on a photographer.

What should a professional photographer be like?

A good wedding photographer should have extensive experience in both reportage and studio shooting. Often, newlyweds need not only shoot the event itself, but also a personal photoshoot.

A real professional has a whole list of qualities:

* impressive experience in their field;

* a set of high-quality equipment;

* the author's manner of shooting;

* ability to work in several graphic editors;

* aesthetic taste;

* the ability to "see the frame".

Have you ever wondered how attractive people turn out to be in high-quality photos? No fiction: the specialist knows how to choose such an angle in which the shortcomings are leveled, adjust the light correctly. Shooting is half the art: it is the processing that makes the photos perfect.

The quality of the work can be seen in the portfolio. So you will appreciate both the manner of the master and the level of his professionalism.

In addition, you should be comfortable with him as a person: after all, you will have to spend the whole day next to him!

If you don't want to burden yourself with the tedious search for a professional, contact Lovely Day. We have a whole list of proven contractors to make your main day perfect!

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