A wedding photoshoot in Dubai is a memorable event for every couple. Visitors will find impeccable locations in the city and pick the best background for their photos. Starting from snow-covered mountain picks to breathtaking skyscrapers and endless desert sands, destinations for any character and temperament can be found in Dubai.

Jumeirah parks or Al-Mamzar are what incorrigible romantics want. A photo session in an underwater aquarium (this location has become more and more popular in recent years) will add unique pictures to your wedding album. Professional photographers advise trying the safari tour to thrill-seekers and adventure-lovers.

Reasons to Choose a Photographer in Dubai

  1. If you visit the city for the first time (or have been there just several times), you can’t know all the locations where the best views are found. A skilled photographer, who provides services in Dubai, perfectly knows all the city corners and picturesque destinations.
  2. Every couple is treated individually. A photographer will advise the location judging by the temperament and characters of each couple. Adventure-lovers will like the safari tour, while romantic personalities will prefer to arrange the session on board a yacht or in the Miracle Garden.
  3. Experienced photographers have professional equipment, including lighting, photo cameras with different lenses.

The Best Photo Zones and Locations for Wedding Photoshoot

Let’s briefly list the most popular venues for wedding photoshoots:

  1. On a beach with Burj Khalifa in the background;
  2. In an underwater aquarium;
  3. In the desert;
  4. In the Miracle Garden;
  5. Onboard of a yacht.

Remember that the success of photos is the work of a photographer. A skilled service provider should manage to find the right foreshortening, lighting, moment. The main task of a photo is to catch the right moment and keep sincere emotions for ages. And the photographer should know how to do it correctly.