When choosing Dubai as your wedding destination, forget about commonplace ceremony options. The city is ready to offer a whole bunch of original ideas for your unforgettable event. If you want to hold a wedding ceremony in the city, pay attention to the following options:

A beach celebration

Put a decorated arch on the beach. Modern designers offer hundreds of options on how to decorate it. The ocean and setting sun will be the perfect background. Imagine how you pronounce vows, the rays glare on the water, your faces are illuminated by the sun. Marvelous photos are guaranteed.

A desert event

You can arrange an original ceremony. Make a terrace in the desert, put chairs for guests, install the arch decorated in a traditional Arabian style. Rent two camels and ride them on your way to the ceremony arch. Your guests will be impressed and left speechless. A photographer will take amazing photos. Be sure that this ceremony will be the most unforgettable for either newlyweds or their guests.

A yacht party

If you prefer to have a modest and quiet ceremony, take a voyage and pronounce vows surrounded by endless water. Take a wedding receptionist and a photographer on board.

In the Miracle Garten

This is the most well-known park in the city. It reminds me of Wonderland. Each inch of the park is planted with flowers. Floral compositions create gorgeous sculptures. A couple even does not need to decorate a location.

In an air balloon

Adventure-lovers can hold the ceremony right in an air balloon. When flying somewhere high in the sky, say the most important words to each other and put on rings.

Dubai is a place of opportunities. Everyone will find a lovely option on how to make the most memorable day original and exciting. The choice depends on your interests and preferences