Venice is the most romantic city, unique in its architecture and location, with unique flora and fauna of the Venetian lagoon and famous for the famous carnival. To visit the Venice Carnival is a dream of many. And to hold your wedding - this main celebration of two hearts - at the Venice Carnival is an unspeakable pleasure and luck! 

It is not always possible to make such an expensive trip to fabulous and festive Venice; the way out in this case may be a wedding in the Venetian style. The Venetian style is often understood as the carnival-style in Venice. This carnival is currently an annual event and is held to promote history, popularize the country and attract tourists. The carnival lasts for several days in February, before the Great Lent of Christians. There is no more luxurious event to be found. If the first masks for the Venetian carnival were very simple in design and made of leather, now masks for carnival are often made using gold leaf, decorated with precious stones, and look very expensive. Traditionally, a competition for the best mask is held at the Venice Carnival. So, if the decision has matured to organize a wedding in the Venetian style, then, first of all, you need to take care of the place of the wedding celebration. 

There are a lot of suitable places to celebrate a wedding in the Venetian style: You can celebrate a wedding at the walls of an old castle, in a manner, in a cottage or at your own dacha - it all depends on the wishes and capabilities of the perpetrators of the celebration. In such places, it is quite possible to imagine yourself in medieval Venice. A water park or a motor ship — this location of the wedding celebration will allow guests to enjoy the water attractions that Venice is so famous for. Outdoor natural area - the similarity with the Venetian wedding will be that the Venetian carnival also takes place on the street, near natural places. In a cafe or restaurant, in a hotel — in this case, if your restaurant is not stylized as an antique, then this can be achieved by appropriate design. For guests, the wedding begins with an invitation card. Therefore, the invitation card should contain as much information as possible about the upcoming celebration. Invitation cards for a Venetian-style wedding must be decorated with the attributes of the Venetian festival: it can be masks, or images of masks, feathers, fans, rhinestones, beads, gold threads — all this will intrigue your guests and make them count the days before the wedding event. It is in the invitation card that you need to inform about the dress code for guests. It is better to invite guests to a Venetian-style wedding in advance - 2 months in advance since costumes for a Venetian wedding are very complex and luxurious — it is necessary to give guests time to prepare.

 The bride and groom's outfits should also match the style of the Venetian carnival. It will be ideal if the bride chooses a wedding dress in the style of the 18th century and complements it with a luxurious mask. The groom, in this case, will need to match his outfit — a luxurious cloak and a luxurious headdress with a magnificent feather, as well as a mask. However, if there is no desire or opportunity to dress up in the clothes of the past centuries, then it is quite possible to achieve the desired effect if you compliment the traditional white fluffy wedding dress of the bride with contrasting accessories — for example, a belt, gloves, as well as feathers, beads, and rhinestones. To cover half of the face with an interesting mask to maintain the Venetian style, the bride simply needs. In this case, the groom can pick up a bright tailcoat or tuxedo for the wedding and also complement it with the attributes of the Venetian carnival: a mask, bright cufflinks, a tie, feathers in the buttonhole design. The decoration of the wedding hall in the Venetian style should be characterized by two words: chic and luxurious. For a banquet hall, you need to choose the most magnificent, the most pretentious, and colorful decorations.

As the main color, it is recommended to take the golden color, symbolizing wealth and abundance. And you can complement it with a variety of colors: red, blue, green, even black - for contrast. Heavy draperies made of expensive fabrics, a lot of ribbons wrapping around furniture, glasses, candlesticks, and even the bride's bouquet, lace, and embroidered tablecloths and napkins - this design characterizes a Venetian wedding. And also a lot of flowers, in various compositions located everywhere — on the tables of guests and newlyweds, in large floor vases, on the walls, and in the hands of guests. Mirrors, paintings, fans, and masks that are everywhere - even in handouts for guests - will create the atmosphere of a Venetian carnival. At a wedding in the style of the Venetian carnival, the most daring and intense scenarios can be realized. At the entrance, guests should be met by a special person — or several - who will check the compliance of the guests' outfits with the dress code. And if suddenly they came to the celebration without a mask, then there should be a special stand where they can choose it for themselves. A variety of firecrackers with colorful confetti, small bags with rose petals - all this should be at your guests' fingertips so that they have the opportunity to meet the young with dignity. 

The program at a Venetian wedding should be very bright: fire shows, various magic tricks, puppet theater, and theatrical productions with the participation of real actors are appropriate here; Harlequin, Piero, and Columbine — the most famous trio of clowns should constantly entertain guests; an acrobatic show, a mime show; as well as a fortune-telling room and a "gambling house— - all this is entertainment for a real Venetian wedding. The caricature artist you invited, drawing funny portraits of guests, will definitely appeal to the wedding guests. These drawings can be kept as a keepsake. Before the wedding banquet, guests and newlyweds have fun with water walks on a yacht, boats or any other available means of transport, as well as land, walks — a real carriage from the Middle Ages will be a very appropriate transport for a luxurious wedding in the Venetian style. If young people want a more modern version, then a black or white limousine will fit very well into the atmosphere of the event. The best background for a photoshoot of young people will be narrow streets with lanterns and squares with pigeons because hiking for young people will also be useful. Of course, such a gorgeous wedding evening will end with a magnificent fireworks display. It will leave indelible memories for all the guests present. The musical decoration of the evening should be a live orchestra, which will fill every moment of the wedding evening with a beautiful live sound. It's great if the musicians, waiters, and artists at your Venetian-style celebration will be dressed in medieval Italian costumes.

 The menu for a Venetian-style wedding table should contain Italian dishes. It is Italian cuisine that is characterized by a variety of light delicious dishes with fresh vegetables, fruits, lots of fish and seafood, poultry, a variety of Italian cheeses and pastes. And for dessert, the Italians offer a chic tiramisu cake and ice cream. Delicious light Italian alcoholic drinks will complement the wedding table. ADVERTISING It is at a wedding in the style of the Venetian carnival that the bride turns into a fairy-tale princess, the groom into a noble count; and the guests of the celebration feel like heroes of a magical performance. Italian luxury, unrestrained fun - all this characterizes a wedding in the Venetian style.

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