Recently, it has become popular to escape from everyone and arrange a romantic wedding for just two. But even if you have chosen such a celebration format for your couple, it does not mean that you should give up an unforgettable holiday!

  1. Etiquette

Often the decision to “run away” together to arrange a private wedding is taken spontaneously. In this case, do not forget to inform your relatives about your decision. You do not have to hold another party for your guests, but it will be good to have a cozy festive dinner timed to your engagement.

  1. Budget

Not every couple has the budget to organize a reception for several dozens of guests, and in this case, the wedding for two becomes an excellent solution. But do not save on the holiday: if you do not organize a banquet, you can afford to visit the most luxurious restaurant, arrange an unforgettable photo session! Dubai is the place where you can spend this day unforgettably; so, do not skip this opportunity.

  1. Concept

Perhaps, the most important advantage of this wedding format is that you can choose absolutely any style and location for shooting. Arrange a walk on the rooftops, go on a picnic, organize a festive dinner in the desert or onboard a yacht, fly in an air balloon. Dubai is ready to offer the most daring and outstanding options!

  1. Outfits of the bride and groom

The wedding for two allows newlyweds to forget about classic wedding attributes as a corset, a veil, heels, or a black suit. But when choosing outfits, do not forget that this is not just a holiday, but your wedding. Choose a light flying dress or a flirty white sundress, a straight floor-length dress in a minimalist style, or a top with a fluffy skirt – it all depends on your tastes and the theme of the holiday. The same applies to the groom: a stylish shirt and trousers with suspenders, a vest, or a non-classic jacket; let his image not be too formal and, at the same time, harmoniously match the bride’s outfit.

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