All couples face the big challenge while choosing the style of the wedding cake, as it is very important especially for any wife to be. It's pretty difficult to find a suitable cake shop, as there are many bakeries, patisseries are available in Dubai, and can create a customized cake for your beautiful event. And it's sometimes difficult to decide on a cake that will suit your wedding theme. In some cases, the wedding venue might provide the cake as well as a part of the chosen package.

Girls are looking forward to the most important day in their lives - the wedding day. From a young age, all the girls imagined what the perfect wedding dress, shoes, bouquet, wedding cake, and groom should be…

Today we will talk about choosing the main element of wedding sweets. At first glance, it seems that it is very easy to choose wedding cakes, but, alas, it is not so.

To choose a suitable wedding cake, you need to take into account a large number of details, which we will tell you about in this article. Sit back to consider one of the most important pre-wedding topics "How to choose a wedding cake".

Wedding cakes: shapes and sizes

Wedding cakes - photo ideas of which cake to choose Traditional wedding cakes to have a round shape and consist of several tiers. There are also various variations of round cakes.

For example, you can make one large round wedding cake or several small ones that are placed on special stands. If you like to experiment, you can abandon the traditional shape and make a different one, for example, a square one. Square wedding cakes look no worse than traditional cakes, and sometimes even better. Such wedding cakes, by the way, are easier to cut for the newlyweds at the event. The size of the cake depends on the number of guests who were invited to the wedding. If there will be a small number of guests at the wedding, we recommend ordering small wedding cakes. For a small wedding, one-tier or two-tier wedding cakes are perfect. And if you have a lot of guests, it is better to choose three-tiered wedding cakes or several single-tiered ones that can be beautifully decorated on special stands. You can also replace wedding cakes with cupcakes or add them to a sweet table so that the cake remains intact until the end of the party.

Wedding cakes: colors and decoration

Wedding cakes - photo ideas, which cake to choose The color of the cake we advise you to choose depending on the color of the whole wedding. Recently, wedding cakes are made in blue, green, and burgundy. Wedding cakes are also found in bright, bold, and deep colors, for example, black, dark blue, and purple.

If the wedding is in classic light colors, then it is better to choose wedding cakes in delicate shades, such as white, peach, or pink. It is better to design wedding cakes depending on the concept of the wedding. Traditionally, wedding cakes are decorated with cute figures of the bride and groom. The figures can be either ordinary or original. For example, two owls, two kittens, two bears, two pigeons, or other sweet figures that decorate wedding cakes look interesting. If it seems to you that it is not fashionable to decorate wedding cakes with figurines, or you do not like them, then you can look at the flowers. Now wedding sweets are decorated with both flowers from cream and live ones. Such wedding cakes look gentle, refined, and natural. Wedding cakes: an extraordinary concept of the event

Wedding cakes - photo ideas of which cake to choose Traditional weddings to fade into the background, as the newlyweds come up with more bright and interesting things, so wedding cakes become more unusual and creative. For example, wedding cakes can be decorated in the style of a zombie apocalypse. Such a bright and eccentric idea will be picked up only by brave newlyweds. And if you do not want to move far away from the classic style, but you need to add some piquancy to the event, then we recommend using black at your wedding, and black wedding cakes will give a highlight to the banquet. Also recently, newlyweds have often used the boho style for wedding decoration. It should be noted that such a style in the design looks simple and concise, and all events and wedding cakes have their own originality and romance. Boho-style wedding cakes resemble homemade cakes, but what could be better than family coziness? Another big plus in boho style is that you will not spend a lot of money on wedding cakes and for the whole wedding. I wonder what other wedding cakes and concepts the young will come up with to make their wedding the most original? In order for the whole event to be perfect, especially wedding cakes, it is better than the newlyweds themselves do all the preparations for the wedding. This day should bring joy and pleasant memories to the young for many summers. To make the wedding cake not only delicious but also original, we offer you to look at our photo collection on the topic "Wedding cakes".

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