Your search for a professional wedding emcee is over here. Would you like your wedding reception that is remembered long after your ceremony is over? It might come with a flawlessly organized master of ceremonies who’ll do all the announcements, keep your faultless planned celebration on track and keep your guests busy all the time? Your wonderful big day is filled with this memorable entertainment. As a master of ceremonies, he will look after the guests and keep your remarkable day running smoothly.
The emcee will introduce the key stages of your day and ensure everyone’s in the right place at the right time. He will also add some blend of comedy and magical touch to your reception. The MC is to create an enjoyable vibe that brings all your participants together and gives a lot of laughs. Your wedding really will be your most memorable day.
Let us create the most extraordinary experiences for your wedding. The master of ceremonies will do everything possible to let you feel a relaxed vibe.
We invite you to the world of wedding entertainment.  We provide the most accomplished talented professionals. We look forward to connecting you with the best entertainment for your special occasion.

In preparation for the wedding, every moment is important, because the overall picture is formed from the little things. How the puzzle will turn out depends largely on the host because he sets the tone for your romantic party. The host skillfully organizes the guests, will not let anyone get bored, and will cheer up.

A host is a person on whom the atmosphere of the holiday depends to a great extent. After the celebration, the guests remember not the beauty of the young people"s outfits, not the elegant decor, and not even the exquisite treats they remember. It"s the atmosphere they remember. The funny word "toastmaster" along with inappropriate contests are gradually becoming a thing of the past, giving way to modern wedding celebrants. The choice of such an important specialist should be approached as responsibly as possible. First, you need to get acquainted with their manner of work, their style. To understand how he will be organic for your event. Naturally, a humorist-showman will not be suitable for a refined ceremony, as well as a romantic nature at the head of a noisy party will not be appropriate. Don"t be surprised if the emcee has only small fragments of the video in his portfolio - most entertainers try not to reveal all their chips. But a large number of positive reviews is a mandatory attribute of an experienced celebrant.

What should be the ideal celebrant?

* First, creative. A wedding in Dubai is a memorable event where you don"t want banal jokes and contests. It"s good when the emcee has a lot of fresh ideas and an original look at familiar things. No one is immune from force majeure, and a talented celebrant r in such a situation easily improvises, turning an accident into a highlight of the wedding.

* Secondly, those who are close to you in spirit and sense of humor. It should be comfortable with him. The host must adhere to the same opinion as you on the wedding program of the evening. Starting with the little things – the host"s dress code, appropriate humor, and ending with global issues – the general manner, preferred entertainment, music, the sequence of stages of the evening.

How a romantic holiday will take place depends on many components. One of the main roles is played by the master of ceremonies, who fills in the pauses, finds an interesting activity for each guest, lifts the mood even of guests who are tired for the whole day. Another important and necessary criterion for evaluating a wedding celebration is all kinds of entertainment and contests.

How to choose the perfect master of ceremonies?

- Features of the program. Ask how it works. Specify whether it is set up for each wedding event. You and your guests should be comfortable. If there are elderly and children at the wedding, it is important for them to think over a separate program. Older guests – less active entertainment, and it"s good for young invitees to call an animator.

- Script development. "We don"t want outdated contests and games like everyone else, we welcome the original approach" – and you can be understood. In this case, it takes time to write and approve the order. The sooner you start looking for a master of ceremonies, the better. The celebrant not only paints the details of the program, but also a clear timing.

- Toastmaster"s clothes. Since the master of ceremonies is constantly in the center of events, his outfit should fit into the concept of the wedding. Moreover, it is good to have two suitable suits for on-site registration and a banquet.

- Portfolio. This is proof that you are dealing with a professional. Ask for a video recording of at least one holiday from beginning to end. So you will fully appreciate the manner of a person, his diction, resourcefulness, ingenuity in force majeure, sense of humor, attitude to guests, and variety of the program.

- The presence of props. Entertainment often requires a variety of props. Tell me, will the emcee prepare it himself or is there something you need to take care of yourself?

- Duration of the program. You have discussed the components of the whole evening... and what if the banquet drags on? What if the guest's don"t want to leave quickly? Discuss the possibility of extending the evening and the fee for additional services.

Choosing an emcee is a big responsibility. People most of all remember the emotions that the holiday gives them, and not the dishes served at the holiday. For help in choosing an emcee, you can always contact us.

Our company will help you choose a wedding host in Dubai. At the same time, just voice your wishes, and we will contact the appropriate specialist.

3 main tips for choosing a wedding celebrant:

Study the formats of the work. This may be an entertainer who is responsible for a program in which artists and creative teams will take part. Single management is also popular. It implies the preparation of a script, contest blocks, congratulations, and a musical component.

Check out the types of weddings. The content and semantic load may consist in the relaxed presence of the toastmaster, or they may be embodied in a youth party in the style of KVN. A more traditional format is suitable for a family celebration.

Pay attention to the portfolio. View the entries in the social networks of a potential candidate, see photos and videos with his participation. Read the reviews of couples who have already ordered his services. It will be ideal if you are able to contact these people and clarify the points of interest.

Taking into account all your wishes, we will find a good one who will meet your needs and preferred style. Entrust a love story to a professional, and a unique wedding scenario in Dubai will be born from it!

The cost of a wedding celebrant is from AED 2000 (USD 550)

Emcee from AED 5000 (USD 1300)

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