A dessert is a dish that can easily replace a traditional wedding cake at celebrations. Modern cookers offer dozens of creative options on how to impress guests with the main dish of the event. In our review, we have collected the most delicious ideas for making your wedding dessert tasty, unusual, and amazing.
1. A minimalistic and original puffed rice cake.

2. A charming cute cake that consists of many tall caramels of pastel colors.

3. A unique three-tiered ice cream cone cake.

4. An original, beautiful, and very tasty cake, which consists of glazed biscuit balls on sticks.

5. A wedding cake made of several types of cheese will certainly become the highlight of a festive table.

6. Meringue – is a wedding dessert that consists of a variety of meringue cakes garnished with fresh strawberries.

7. A spectacular and, at the same time, very simple cake, composed of puff tubes with protein cream.

8. An attractive wedding cake made of multi-colored macaroons.

9. Four tiers of a fruit pie instead of the traditional wedding cake.

10. A large wedding cake made of pancakes, greased with jam and cream.

11. A delicate and light wedding cake made of Viennese waffles.

12. A tower of waffle rolls stuffed with mascarpone cheese or ricotta.

13. A multi-tiered wedding dessert made of large chocolate truffles.

14. Donuts are arranged in a wedding cake on a multi-layer stand.

15. brownie decorated with glaze, flowers, eatable confetti.

A skilled decorator will find the right way to create a real masterpiece from these ideas. Pick one of these basic concepts and think about the design. Remember that the dessert should correspond to the style of the wedding. A cooker will bring your ideas to reality and create a dessert that won’t leave guests indifferent.