You have planned everything perfectly, found flowers to decorate the room and tables, ordered themed invitations, and bought a beautiful dress. It remains only to choose the perfect cake for your wedding. Currently, the variety of wedding cakes is very large – they can be fruit, yogurt, consisting of there are several tiers, and decorations for this dessert can come up with a wide variety - from chocolate pigeons or figures of the bride and groom to their photos on the surface of the cake, made by the modern method of color food printing. The appearance of a birthday cake often becomes the culmination of the holiday. The cake should be not only delicious but also beautiful, interesting, exciting to guests. No matter what dishes decorate the wedding, no matter what entertainment for guests, the cake is still one of the main wedding traditions.

The choice of a wedding cake is carried out according to two criteria: it is necessary to determine the appearance of the dessert and the filling.

As a rule, before ordering, pastry shops provide the newlyweds with the opportunity to taste several different fillings, and the choice issue is quickly resolved. Confectioners note that in hotter weather, the newlyweds prefer light, fruity fillings. In the autumn-winter period, more tart flavors are often ordered with the addition of cinnamon, cloves, honey.

Weight, number of tiers, design, filling – what the newlyweds will not have to think about, focusing on the main element of the sweet table:

- Weight calculation. It is better to contact the pastry shop when you know the exact number of invited guests. If you choose a cake with a light filling (souffle or air cakes), each guest should get about 150 grams of dessert. If the cake is decorated with mastic, or filled with a thick layer of chocolate, it is better to make one serving of 200-250 grams: so the piece will look optimal in size. Having determined the minimum for each guest, it remains to multiply by the number of invitees.

- Height. A cake in several tiers can be ordered if you expect a large number of guests. The fact is that "three-story" structures weigh at least 7 kg: the lower layer should be at least 3-4 kg, otherwise, the upper ones will simply push it. Therefore, when gathering in a close family circle or with a small number of friends, order a small cake, but exquisitely decorated.

- Dough and filling. Shortbread desserts are not the most successful option: firstly, they are very high in calories, and secondly, they crumble. This also applies to puff pastry. Few people will want a heavy dessert at the end of a wedding banquet. An ice cream cake is certainly an unusual and delicious option, but in hot weather, you will have to make sure that it does not melt prematurely. It should be cut and served as quickly as possible.

It is better to give preference to sponge cake or cottage cheesecake. These options are not too demanding of temperature, delicious, and are liked by almost everyone.

- The choice of a pastry shop. Customer reviews, the experience of a pastry chef, the opportunity to make an individual design, the cost per kilogram, delivery - these are the points that you should pay attention to when choosing a confectionery. Everything is not as complicated as it seems at first glance.

Currently, "open" cakes decorated with berries and fruits have become very popular among newlyweds. It also remains popular to decorate the wedding dessert with fresh flowers, edible beads, and figurines of the bride and groom.

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