Recently, the organization of the wedding celebration has become a kind of game between young couples - who to do better and more original. In our 21st century, there is little to surprise guests with. Unusual, bright, exotic, and most importantly - rich - this is how this kind of celebration looks like. But if you are still determined not to back down, then I suggest an Indian-style wedding for consideration. Important: the wedding should not only look expensive but also be so. Indians do not save on such ceremonies, and what they do not save there, they prepare half their lives! If your finances are tight, there are many other options for beautiful weddings.

Wedding invitations will be made in a traditional style; the main colors will be red and gold. Presumably to use photo paper or better satin paper, and the text will be written in gold. This is ideal. Especially important guests in India are sent invitations even more richly decorated - in silk, special cases. Cardboard envelopes are also welcome - they will convey the spirit of India to the guests. Important: the wedding is Indian, which means that the dress code must be appropriate to the theme. Be sure to mention this in your invitation!

At least once, everyone has seen an Indian film about a wedding and noted such a feature - the outfits of the grooms can be no less magnificent than those of the girl. This also needs to be noted, usually, a bridegroom's dress is paid much less attention than the bride's dress. For the groom, this is necessarily a suit, which includes a jacket that looks like a camisole and a turban. By the way, this is one of the most important details - a turban!

For the girl, we choose a sari, but not a traditional white dress. Traditions can be left for later - after all, a wedding happens once in a lifetime. For such a ceremony, the sari should be bright red. It is not sewn from different cuts of fabric but from a large piece of fabric (4-9 meters). The main feature is the folds - the bigger and more beautiful, the better your outfit! A combination is not suitable for a sari; here you need a short T-shirt of a suitable color and a petticoat. Even if you decide not to choose a saree, you will still need a belt called a "camerband". Usually worn on the hips.

The wedding image must be complemented with jewelry. Gold is your everything this day. You will need a pendant on the forehead, a necklace on the neck and, of course, earrings. Bracelets also do not hurt, moreover, all over the arm: above the elbows, and on the wrists, and bracelets with bells. By the way, the latter can be worn on top of the ankles. The bouquet must be red. The following flowers will help you to create an Indian bouquet: Roses. Standard, but how rich they look! These velvety, red petals ... a feast for the eyes.

Carnations. Flowers are unusual for weddings, but the color is important to us, right? Orchids. Crimson red orchids - what could be more beautiful? They are perfect for a bouquet and for everything else. The same flowers can be used to decorate both the bride's hairstyle and the outfit itself.

 Even some metropolitan divas from the coolest hangouts don't do their own makeup as Indian brides do. Departing from all the rules, these five minutes “wife” highlight everything: the eyes - with a huge amount of eyeliner, the lips are visually made larger and puffier, and the eyebrows are drawn to the hair. I think for a Russian-Indian wedding it is worth omitting the moment with jewelry such as a nose ring.

Make-up at an Indian wedding Dresses for guests Guests and their outfits Now that the guests have received your invitations, read about a specific dress code, and cut off all your phones, let's start dressing the guests. There will be nothing out of the ordinary here. Just invite your girlfriends to get beautiful sarees in different colors, or one shade, as you like. In fact, the clothes of the guests should repeat the clothes of the newlyweds, but not be as bright and rich, thereby making the newlywed couple stand out.

Temporary tattoos Mehendi Probably, only in an Indian wedding there will be such an additional section as temporary tattoos (Mehendi). They are made to the bride and groom on the eve of the wedding. Do not worry, this is temporary - henna is quickly washed off the body. Important: according to legend, the more patterns and the more intricate they are, the better, richer, and happier the life of young people will be.

Drawings are applied to start from the palms to the elbow, as well as on the ankles and feet. By the way, it is customary for bridesmaids to receive their share of "happiness" in the form of patterns. Transport

White horse or white car But here it turns out very interesting. there will be no transport as such. Yes, yes, instead of this they come on horseback for the bride! According to the canons of India, this is how the groom takes the bride. The horse needs to be decorated with yellow and red flowers. It must be admitted that not every person knows how to ride a horse. The best option then would be a carriage or a carriage with a white horse. If you think the horse is irrelevant, then a white car would also be a suitable substitute. Important: whichever way of transportation you choose - decoration with flowers should be in any case.

Wedding Venue Decor Must Be Rich Most importantly, Indian weddings don't just use chairs - they need thrones (don't worry, just for honeymooners). Rose petals are also an integral symbol of these “Bollywood” weddings. So you will feel the whole flavor of an Indian wedding. In the decoration of the banquet hall, the main colors will also be yellow and red. Fresh flowers should be abundant throughout the room: both in vases and in the form of garlands. Indian food at a wedding And the last thing is food. The slogan in India about food is “The main thing is quantity!”. The menu is, in principle, every day (rice, vegetables, meat), the main thing is that there is enough for everyone and still has left.

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