Tulip Wedding: tips and ideas for organizing and decorating a wedding in the spring.

 Nature itself took care of the decor of the spring wedding: spring flowers and natural shades are so diverse and beautiful that nothing needs to be specially invented. Natural shades are great: both bedding, and bright, and colorful. Flowers at this time of year are tulips, as well as daffodils, hyacinths, lilacs, daffodils, and lilies of the valley.

 If you choose them as the main motive of your wedding tulips, you will not have to puzzle over the questions of where 

to find the right flowers — they are everywhere. An important fact is the significant savings on wedding decor. A wedding in the spring is a wedding reception in the garden. This is the most fashionable wedding style for this period of time. Therefore, the wedding decor can be very diverse: from lilac branches to armfuls of tulips. At this time of the year, you can embody any interesting style of accessories: from eco-style to palace style; from loft-style to avant-garde. In nature, concrete, and any fabric, and exquisite chandeliers, and candelabra will look just great! For a wedding in spring, the theme of a tulip wedding is very suitable. Initially, tulips came to us from eastern countries, but later in the Netherlands, they experienced a true rebirth. The colors of the wedding are the colors of tulips. Couples who want to emphasize passion in their relationship may well make a tulip the main theme of their wedding since in Turkey and Persia the red tulip was a symbol of passionate dangerous love. 

Romantically minded couples can also make a tulip wedding since European peoples associate a tulip with tenderness and romance. This delicate spring primrose will perfectly decorate the event, reminding guests of the approaching summer and the flowering of nature. Young tulips are very resistant: they can last all day, perfectly preserving their appearance. In addition, there are tulips of different varieties, different sizes, and, of course, a variety of shades. Traditionally, this flower is associated with a holiday — it is most often chosen by men to congratulate their women on the holiday of March 8. The newlyweds who chose tulips as the leitmotif of their wedding made an excellent choice! The image of newlyweds at a tulip wedding At a tulip theme wedding, tulips should be present in literally everything. Even the bride's dress can be chosen in the "tulip" style — the skirt of such a dress looks like an inverted tulip head. In the image of the bride, tulips should be present absolutely everywhere: 

As a hair ornament - in a hairpin; or bright fresh flowers are woven into the hair; an individual wreath of tulips adorning the bride's head - there are many options! Decoration in the form of a tulip: earrings or pendants, brooches, and bracelets - an experienced stylist will help you choose themed jewelry for the bride and her friends. Of course, tulips should be present in the wedding bouquet: either a bouquet is collected only from tulips for the wedding, or flower arrangements with the participation of tulips. Bouquets for girlfriends should also be made of tulips. The groom's boutonniere should definitely contain a tulip. It can be a single living flower or an artificial composition — it's not so important. Another good idea for a tulip wedding: a print on the groom's tie in the form of tulips. It is good if you inform your guests in advance about the style of your wedding. This can be done if you decorate wedding invitations with a floral print. Unusual, original, and very useful at a March, April, or May wedding!

 In the invitation cards, you can also specify the dress code for guests: either invite them to appear with some kind of decoration element in the form of a tulip in their wedding clothes or offer to bring live tulips with them to the wedding. The scenario of a tulip wedding If you have planned an on-site registration of your marriage, then it is tulips that will decorate your wedding arch, as well as seats for guests and even a carpet for the young. The main element reminding guests about the theme of the celebration is, of course, the decoration of the wedding hall with tulips. 

Decorations for tables can be very different: it can be ordinary and unusual vases for tulips, cards with a print in the form of tulips - the main thing is that tulips are present everywhere. If there is a lack of fresh flowers, you can use their artificial analogs more fully. Be sure to use paper tulips twisted from paper napkins — let such an unobtrusive decoration decorate the seating for each guest. Tulips with long stems may well be the basis of flower arrangements that will decorate the walls of the hall at a tulip wedding. The design of the wedding cake must necessarily correspond to the theme of the celebration. You can decorate a multi-tiered cake with live or artificial flower arrangements, or you can make tulips from sweet mastic. The wedding table should be literally "dotted" with tulips: cookies in the form of tulips, cakes and cupcakes with tulips, lollipops like tulips, etc— - the imagination of the pastry chef can run wild here! A very touching, original gift for guests is bonbonnieres - bulbs of tulips in pots; such a gift will actually allow you to grow "your love". Also, any souvenir products in the form of tulips or with "tulip prints" can be good gifts for guests: magnets, postcards, and so on. In addition, tulip bulbs are edible. Earlier, in candied form, they were considered a delicacy and were served exclusively to the royal table.

There are several basic rules that you need to adhere to when decorating a wedding with tulips: Tulips are best combined with any white details, even if your tulips are pastel colors. Tulips look best in vases, or in wine glasses with thick transparent glass. You need to make compositions using branches together with tulips — even without flowers and leaves, as well as green apples. In the image of the bride, tulips are very well combined with dresses of any straight cut, as well as the "mermaid" style, as well as with a "tulip" style skirt. 

Tulips do not tolerate proximity to other flowers, so they should be the only flower at the wedding. If the bud of an unopened tulip is half green, it means that the flower was cut too early and is unlikely to open already. The heat and direct sunlight will destroy the tulip buds very quickly, so if you want to capture fresh flowers on wedding photos, then you need to consider this recommendation. How long can tulips be stored? Tulips can be stored in the refrigerator. They can keep their freshness in the refrigerator for 2 weeks.

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