The fashionable style for Tiffany's wedding is a gentle, noble, pure shade, which consists of blue and green, otherwise, it is called turquoise. It is generally believed that this color comes from the name of the jewelry gemstone "Turquoise".

A Tiffany-style wedding will be a wonderful idea because it has a lot of advantages:

firstly, it goes perfectly with traditional white and with its various tones;

secondly, it is well suited to any time of the year celebrations;

thirdly, it is suitable for absolutely all people with different hair, eye, and skin colors;

fourth, he is one of the most popular and fashionable of the last two years.

If you still do not know which color to take as the basis for your wedding, then feel free to choose such a beautiful and interesting coloring.

Images of newlyweds

The bride can choose both a beautiful turquoise dress and a standard white one, complementing her image with various elements of the tiffany shade, for example, shoes, hair jewelry, makeup, manicure, etc.

Turquoise plants as such are very few, so for a tiffany-colored wedding, blue flowers are perfect: forget-me-nots, delphinium, hydrangea, cornflower, or even painted roses. You can also take white roses as the basis of the bouquet and add pale blue flowers and bright greenery to them. Decorate the wedding composition with a satin ribbon and various stones.

The groom can wear a suit of any tone close to the chosen theme. When choosing a light or black outfit, it should be supplemented with all sorts of attributes in the style of Tiffany, it can be a shirt, tie, bow tie, or all at once. The style of the bride and groom

Accessories and ideas for a banquet

Make wedding invitations in the color scheme of a pair of shades (turquoise and white), decorate them with beads, rhinestones, or beads, lace will also look beautiful and gentle, and do not forget about the ribbons that you can wrap postcards and tie a bow in the Tiffany style.

The decor of the banquet hall implies turquoise tones with the addition of light. Cover the tables with white tablecloths, and in the middle of them make a path of Tiffany-colored fabric, thereby you will use the right colors. It is advisable to put covers on the chairs, and large bows can be tied on top of them, which will add solemnity to your event. And at the end of the evening, surprise the guests with a gorgeous cake.

What colors are combined with

Of course, tiffany looks great with all the shades that are included in its composition, namely with blue and green, and also with blue, emerald, white, and mint. Feel free to harmonize these colors with each other in the design of the Tiffany celebration.

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