Honeymoon is the most wonderful time for a couple. Thus, it is very important to choose the right place for a beautiful honeymoon trip as a symbol of the beginning of your family’s history. The beauty of the beaches and the romance of the desert will guarantee many wonderful memories that you will share with your loved one. In Dubai, you will find everything for a first-class holiday.

  1. Dozens of spas and care centers for couples with relaxing massages and procedures will help you distract from your routine and enjoy your pastime.
  2. Access to the sea allows sunbathing and swimming throughout the day.
  3. If you don’t want to spend all your days on the beach and at the spa, then Dubai offers a wide range of active entertainment. Why don’t you get a bird’s eye view of the city? A helicopter ride is perfect for this.
  4. If you are more inclined to sea adventures, then diving for two will be incredible entertainment. You can dive into the huge aquarium at Atlantis The Palm or the waters of the bay to discover the local flora and fauna, learn the basics of diving, and swim in areas that are home to sharks, napoleon fish, colorful angelfish, and butterflyfish who is Dubai the Best Honeymoon Destination?.
  5. A hot air balloon ride into the heart of the desert will be another unforgettable adventure. The tour starts at sunrise or sunset. You can enjoy the tranquil scenery of the Arabian desert with azure oases and red dunes, watch slowly wandering camels or graceful antelopes.
  6. After an active day, you will surely want to spend a romantic evening enjoying a delicious dinner and beautiful views. Dubai has a huge selection of restaurants offering all kinds of cuisines from traditional Arabic to Peruvian. Thiptara is one of the finest Thai restaurants, which is located in the heart of Dubai, at The Palace Downtown opposite the Burj Khalifa. There, you’ll be able to admire a stunning fountain show.

Dubai has enough entertainment options for every tourist. So, be sure that in the city, you’ll have an unforgettable honeymoon full of emotions and adventures.

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