Fresh flowers are an indispensable attribute of any wedding, which is used in the decoration of a banquet room, or an outdoor ceremony, corteges, and outfits of the newlyweds complements the images of guests and creates a mood for those sitting at the tables. Even if you prefer minimalism in the décor, you still cannot do without flowers at the wedding. Garlands, arches, wreaths – wedding floristry today is not limited to these classic solutions, annually offering new ideas.

Wedding floristry includes:

  • decoration of a banquet hall or an outdoor registration place;
  • banquet table decoration;
  • creation of the bride’s bouquet and the groom’s boutonniere;
  • car decoration;
  • selection of accessories for bridesmaids and guests.

Both fresh and artificial flowers can be used. The first group, of course, looks very touching and smells adorable, but the latter are durable, resistant to high temperatures. These characteristics are preferable if you want to decorate a lamp or a candelabrum with a flower garland. Finally, they definitely will not cause allergies, so they can be used for the decoration of a dessert and candy bar.

The general floral decoration of the celebration should have some common features with the theme of the wedding and with the outfits of the newlyweds, especially with the bride’s bouquet. Still, note that this does not mean that all flowers must be selected exactly the same. Often, one accent flower repeating in all décor parts contributes to the creation of the whole image and serves as a uniting element. The rest is created with unrelated flowers. Try not to use strong-smelling flowers indoors because their sents can cause headaches or allergies.

Frequently, couples turn to the services of professional florists who develop the whole ensemble of decorative elements united by one theme. Professional employees know how to match attributes and accessories to create a wonderful interior and underline a festive atmosphere.