What does shabby chic look like? Translated from English, the name of the style means “shabby chic” or shabby shine ”. This means that everything that is created in this style should be accompanied by a certain gloss and grace, with a slight imprint of time. Outwardly, the shabby chic style can be compared to the rustic style in a chic design.

Features of the shabby chic style It differs from the rustic style of shabby chic as follows: if in the rustic country style we do not see any hint of shine, gloss, and luxury, then in the case of shabby chic, this is just the same. In combination with a touch of antiquity, gloss and light luxury create a magnificent decor, whether it is about the interior or about outfits. This style dates back to the 80s of the last century and was founded by an Englishwoman and designer by profession Rachel Ashwell. The birth of this style was her kind of nostalgic response to the rapidly developing technogenic modernity.

Shabby chic is a nostalgic fairy tale and romanticism of the Victorian era, longing for a measured and unhurried life, when a person had time to admire the things around him, to be able to contemplate the world around him to the smallest detail without fuss and haste, to reflect and think about the eternal values. This is a style about the time when tea drinking was a ritual, and not a fussy banality when starched tablecloths flew on the tables, and handkerchiefs of ladies and gentlemen always had monograms.

Celebration in the style of shabby chic will appeal to creative people who are not prone to fuss, who value antiquity. The airy design of a shabby chic wedding will appeal to many, so making a choice in favor of this wedding style, will certainly give your guests aesthetic pleasure.

Oddly enough, but shabby chic is a combination of gloss and simplicity. And a wedding dress in this style is a combination of a simple cut without puffy skirts and flounces with lace and pearls. Openwork brooches and bracelets, a flower wreath in the hair, a short veil, or a hat. The overall impression that the dress should create is lightness, airiness, and a hint of vintage. Don't use rhinestones and satin ribbons - it's not from this song. From fabrics, you can choose guipure, silk, chiffon. As a decoration, you can embroider the bodice with pearls, matte beads, and artificial flowers in pastel colors. White isn't the only color for a wedding dress. Pick your favorite color in a bleached, pastel shade. For example, champagne, light pale lilac, light peach, pale cream, delicate lavender, pale blue, light pink, etc. High waist, lantern sleeves, deep neckline with inserts of transparent or translucent fabrics, long veil gloves or silk ribbon in the hair, floral wreaths - all this is about the shabby style in a wedding dress.

It is better to choose the bride's makeup as natural and not flashy as possible. For make-up, it is also better to choose blush, eyeshadow, and lipstick in pastel colors. Shabby chic bridal bouquet For a shabby chic bouquet, it is better to choose lush flowers of delicate shades, such as peonies or roses with rounded bud shapes. Decorative bushes with small inflorescences will perfectly complement the bouquet. For a shabby chic bouquet, it is also good to use lilies of the valley, lilac, chamomile. What should the groom wear? From the simplest, the groom can choose just a tuxedo in its classic design. If you want something special, then you can put on trousers and a shirt of a light tone, add to this a dark blue, for example, a velvet jacket in casual style and a bow tie of the same tone. Do not forget about cufflinks and accessories in combination with the bride's bouquet. And your wedding look is ready. Elements such as suspenders, a hat, and a vest also have a shabby chic look.

Elements of wedding decoration in the shabby chic style are distinguished by tenderness, romanticism, lightness, and airiness. In decoration and decoration, if possible, use natural fabrics and materials, such as artificially aged wood, metal objects with patina. The shabby chic style involves a large number of colors in the decor. Anything that can be categorized as vintage items can be applied to create a shabby chic style.

A shabby chic wedding color palette primarily involves pastel shades such as mint, blue, etc. That is, all the colors that you want to use in the decor of the room for a wedding celebration, as well as in festive dresses, decorating a wedding cortege and other necessary paraphernalia, should be chosen in soft, mostly light, bleached shades. Using this color scheme, you will certainly be able to recreate shabby chic. All pieces of furniture with a touch of antiquity and elegant design, unobtrusive checks and stripes in fabrics in warm muted shades.

Details and elements with a touch of antiquity - all this will help to recreate the given style.

Shabby chic, as you know, is attention to detail. Invitations in this style often have an abundance of all kinds of openwork applications in given colors, patterns, and romantic motives. You can use silk ribbons, rhinestones, small beads, paper, and fabric lace in the decor of invitations in the shabby chic style. Aged paper is a good choice for shabby chic invitations.

A wedding cake is a special item on the menu of any wedding. A shabby chic cake is a modesty and elegance combined with lightness and grace. He will not leave your guests indifferent. To emphasize the airiness of a sweet dessert, use icing, floral decorations, edible beads, openwork appliques, and more. The wedding cake should be done in light pastel colors.

Guests at a shabby chic wedding, especially friends and girlfriends of the young couple, dressed in a given style will best support the style of the wedding. But you need to take care of the outfits for the immediate environment of the guests in advance. Better to get together with your bridesmaids and discuss together what style, color, and fabric the bridesmaids will be wearing. Further, you need to purchase fabrics in advance and order tailoring in the atelier. You will see, the effect will be amazing. All the same, apply to the male half of the invited young guests.

The groom needs to inform his friends in advance about the need to support the style of the wedding and, if necessary, the order in advance the tailoring of suits in the atelier. When choosing fabrics and styles of suits for guests, you need to adhere to the same line as to when choosing the details of the wedding image of a young couple. It is important to achieve uniformity in the style of the costumes. The best way to do this is to order the sewing of all the costumes in one studio. Experienced designers and tailors will customize the suits in the style you want.

Photos in the style of European antiquity and romance will allow you to create special photos that you will admire for many years. Think in advance about the attributes that you will use during the photoshoot. This can be a swing decorated with flowers, aged picture frames, old chests, artificially aged furniture, and other elements.

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