We are offering business registration and management services throughout UAE. The policy of UAE government is focused on creating a favorable environment for entrepreneurs and investors to maximize profit generated by their business projects.

The geopolitical position of the country allows to import and export raw materials and other goods anywhere in the world, as the United Arab Emirates is easily accessible from Africa, CIS, Europe.

The proximity of ports in various Emirates, legal framework, air and rail cargo infrastructure and other cutting-edge logistics facilities create a perfect platform for export-import companies. Furthermore, the absence of taxes is 100% legal in UAE and is supported on a governmental level.

For any kind of business, the country's territory is divided into administrative units, so-called "Free Economic Zones" accommodating specific types of business activity further facilitated by available infrastructure, including warehouses, offices, and transportation vehicles.

UAE is a unique country, one of the most popular in the world by the number of foreign investors from all over the world. This country is a business community bringing together suppliers, buyers, and agents.

Registering a business in UAE opens access to international markets, adds value to the brand’s name, ensures 100% retaining of profit due to 0%-tax policy.

Our company provides the following services for business in the United Arab Emirates:

Turn-key Solutions

K & M Consultancy DMCC provides unique turn-key solutions that include:

  • Business idea and comprehensive investment return analysis
  • Business registration in accordance with the laws of the country
  • Promotion of the brand/product in the market