Rustic weddings have a distinct style that is inherent in a rustic lifestyle. To maintain the so-called country style, you need to use the most natural and natural scenery. The best scenery will be the countryside itself.

Perhaps there is nothing easier to arrange a country-style wedding because almost all the details, elements, and attributes for creating a rustic style can be easily found anywhere. Even at home, everyone has some item that can fit into the country style.

And if you go to visit your grandmother, you will certainly find many details of the future country style. Here are some attributes to help you recreate the rustic style: Wood products in different finishes. Wooden products of both rough processing and cute things will perfectly fit into the style. Vases and flower pots of various sizes with wildflowers and green herbs, as well as ikebana and compositions of straw and hay, as well as various dried grass and thin twigs of trees. Wicker baskets of different sizes are an indispensable attribute of a rustic style.

For fabric draperies, it is better to use the most natural fabrics, simple and rough, first of all. Will perfectly support the style of linen, burlap, cotton, and wool. Twine for decorating individual elements. For example, to tie curtains. Hanging swings, an old bicycle, wooden wheels from an old cart, all kinds of clay pots and decanters, barrels, glass jars, stairs, and more. All this will help to recreate the rustic style. Towels, napkins, curtains, and embroidered tablecloths are best suited for decorating a festive table. Kerosene lamps are best for lighting up a festive place.

All elements that hint at luxury are definitely inappropriate for this style. For example, expensive fabrics such as velvet and silk, crystal glassware, porcelain, and items made of precious metals. Here are some ideas for individual design elements of a rustic country-style interior: Wooden stepladder, old or artificially aged, painted white, light blue, blue, or light green. On the steps of the ladder, you need to fix wooden pots in which green plants and decorative flowers will be planted.

Glass jars can be filled with hay or straw. The arch for the wedding ceremony can be trimmed with twigs, dry twigs, with interwoven wildflowers. In addition, natural "decorations" can be used as an arch, for example, the crown of a large beautiful tree, under which the registration can be planned directly. A large wooden barrel can be used as a presenter stand. Large-themed compositions will help create the appropriate mood. An old cart is perfect for this.

Paint it brown, gray, or any other natural color. Fill it with hay and add two to three earthenware jugs and a pitchfork to the composition. The composition is ready. An old bike, which can be equipped with pots of flowering plants, will also perfectly support the style and fit into the rustic theme. Country-style invitations are simple cards or cards on thick paper. They can be placed in envelopes made of burlap and tied with fine woolen thread. Do not forget to include the dress code on the invitation cards.

For the look of the groom in the country style, you should not choose strict classic suits, tailcoats, and tuxedos, even more so. The suit does not have to contain a jacket. A vest is enough for a country-style groom look. And you can even do without it by wearing trousers with suspenders.

The groom's wedding suit should also be made of simple natural fabrics in natural tones. There is no need to use flashy and unnatural shades, such as red, metallic gray with iridescence, and the like. Although red is found in nature, it is not in abundance, so the accessories of the costume, and not its main details, can be red color.

The image can be complemented with a butterfly in a contrasting color. For brown trousers, for example, you can add a yellow bow tie. A great accessory in country style will be a hat. Shoes should be casual. Not the best solution to go for classic black shoes. Put on moccasins, they will optimally support the rustic style of the suit. Country style image of the bride A country style bride is the embodiment of natural beauty, youthful freshness. The image of a country bride should be light, airy. Chic and glitter are out of place here. Fluffy skirts, lace, precious jewelry, and bright makeup - none of this is part of this song.

 neat, pretty, white long, but not fluffy dress, simple cut from simple natural fabrics, will perfectly fit into the given theme of the wedding. A dress on the principle of a sundress, for example, crocheted, is a great option. A long veil will also be superfluous. The best choice is a medium-length, two-layer veil. Since the rustic style involves holding a wedding mainly in nature, it is better to choose ballet flats or comfortable shoes with small stable heels as wedding shoes than classic stiletto heels.

A country bridesmaid's bouquet, like her dress, and indeed everything around, should support the natural style of the wedding. For such a bouquet, wildflowers gathered outside the garden and beautifully arranged in a bunch are best suited. The boutonniere should be done in the same style. Flowers such as roses, gladioli, chrysanthemums, and other pretentious varieties are unlikely to support the theme of a village wedding. But peonies, lilacs, lilies of the valley are an excellent choice.  The simplest way to maintain a rustic dress code is to maintain the guest's outfit. After all, almost every guest has a pretty summer dress or a simple cut sundress in light colors.

And the invited men can put on simple linen trousers and a shirt, provide the image with a boutonniere of wildflowers, and you're done. For bridesmaids and friends of the groom, you should think over the costumes in advance and order them to be seen at the atelier. Use simple fabrics like linen, cotton. The color of the fabrics must be natural. For example, shades of browns, light greens, and blues. Bridesmaid dresses can be made in the form of sundresses of medium length and medium splendor of skirts. The groom's friends can be dressed in suspenders and shirts. Accessories to bring the image to perfection.

Where to organize a country-style wedding It is much better to recreate a country-style wedding by organizing it directly outside the city, in the countryside, surrounded by nature. If this is not possible, or such an organization involves exorbitant costs, then you can stop at a cafe, restaurant, designed in a given style. A good solution would also be to organize a country wedding in a tent at a country recreation center. By decorating it in a rustic style, you can get as close as possible to the desired effect.

A country-style wedding menu should contain as much as possible from natural country products that can be prepared in a village setting using an oven and open fire. All kinds of dishes from the meat of domestic animals and poultry will perfectly fit into the menu in a rustic style. It can be a piglet baked on a spit and a goose and duck baked over an open fire. As the first, oven-baked chowder is a great solution. Several varieties of bread from the oven are also the best solution for a rustic wedding. Simple vegetable cuts and salads are also needed for a country-style wedding feast.

Tomatoes, cucumbers, sauerkraut, eggplant cold appetizers are just a few of what you can use. As for fruits, fruits, such as apples, pears, grapes, will successfully fit into the given theme. But exotic fruits such as mango, grapefruit, passionfruit, and the like will be completely inappropriate.

A rustic wedding is an incredible wedding photoshoot potential. Perhaps no other themed wedding can provide so many natural decorations. And this, of course, should be used. Such a photo session will allow you to take atmospheric photographs filled with the energy and warmth of nature. You will be happy to look through photos from your country-style wedding for many years.

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