Recently, newlyweds often choose not a classic wedding organization, but a themed, or a celebration sustained in a certain color and thus bring brightness to life.

One of the variants of the wedding theme is a polka dot wedding, such an event will definitely be remembered for a long time and will bring joy and fun to everyone. Polka dots are an ideal option for a retro wedding and have only positive emotions. At the same time, it is suitable for those who are not afraid to experiment. The image of the bride and groom at a polka dot wedding If you have chosen a polka dot wedding, then you will need to decide on additional color. It all depends on your desires and preferences. A stylish option would be black polka dots on a white background, in retro style, stylists. If you want to add brightness, then you can choose red, blue, yellow, green. You can also choose such a more delicate option when there are white satin polka dots on light fabrics. This will give the triumph of romanticism. If the bride does not like to experiment, then she should choose a classic style of dress with a white pea print. Or choose a snow-white dress, and add a pea print to a veil, gloves, or handbag. You can wear not plain shoes, but with a color pattern, add a pea theme to the image with a manicure. The groom needs to choose a classic suit of light or dark open, but the theme of the pea can be displayed on a tie, a bow tie, a scarf in a breast pocket, or even a shirt. In order for the guests to know about the dress code at your wedding, you need to inform them about it in the invitation cards. Thus, guests will be able to decide in advance what they will wear, whether their outfit will match the style of a pea wedding, or only individual elements of the wardrobe, for example, hats, gloves, shoes.

When organizing a themed pea wedding, you need to think over which elements and details the pea print will be present at the celebration, so that there is the right atmosphere of celebration. Both monochrome elements and a polka dot pattern should be present. Usually, the hall for a wedding banquet is decorated with fabrics, colored balls in the colors corresponding to the theme of the celebration. What matters here is which color you have chosen as the main one. Red polka dots look bright and festive on a white or light background. So the decor elements, such as balloons, fabrics will be red. Capes are put on the chairs, the fabric of which should be with an ornament or print. The chosen color should also be taken into account when choosing colors and decorating the hall with them. You can create a white bouquet and add small bright flowers to it. Use polka dot fabrics to drape the hall. Lay a tablecloth with polka dots on the tables in the style of a themed wedding. At the same time, it is not necessary to use only polka dots everywhere, zig-zag, striped patterns are well combined with it. Add satin ribbons to the decoration. Not all elements can be with a pea print, it is enough to add it to some details. You can put classic white dishes on the tables, but napkins, garlands, decorate with a pea print. Details such as a pillow for rings, candles, glasses, you can decorate yourself with ribbons and polka dot fabrics. For this wedding, any dessert of your choice, cake, a cake is suitable.

The wedding cake can be with any filling, and on top, it is decorated with mastic with polka dot drawings. At such a pea wedding, the photos will turn out bright and colorful, especially if the guests support you and will be dressed in polka dot outfits. Use pea accessories for the photoshoot: umbrellas, large letters.

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