Dubai is a unique blend of ultra-modern urban flair and unhurried oriental character, striking the imagination of skyscrapers and Bedouin settlements. The Emirates are famous for their unique nature or modern buildings and the architecture of the city will be an excellent backdrop for a romantic walk. dinner, surprise, and a photo session.

Dubai is the place where dozens of original ideas can become real. This is the place where newlyweds can hold the most unusual celebration and remember the even for the rest of their lives. So, do not be commonplace and avoid having a classic dinner in a restaurant. When being in Dubai, give preference to an outdoor wedding celebration.

  1. Beach blessing ceremony

This is a classic option for romantic couples. Pronouncing touching owes on the shore of the ocean when rays of sunlight up your faces are so unforgettable. Admire the sunset and have dinner under a beautiful flower arch. Make sure that you’ll take lovely photos that will keep your memories and remind you of that day.

       2. Yacht wedding

The city is washed by the ocean. So, it’s a real crime not to use this. Rent a yacht and hold a private ceremony onboard a yacht. Take your beloved, set a romantic table, and go far from the shore. When staying alone somewhere surrounded by water, you can feel each other as close as possible. Admire picturesque views, take gorgeous photos, and enjoy the surrounding atmosphere.

      3. Desert wedding

The city is also surrounded by the desert. It can be another excellent opportunity for holding an original celebration. Two options are offered. It can be either a holiday in a traditional Arabian style or a noisy party in the desert. If you pick the first option, rent a tent, dry flowers, and greenery, cushions, candles, shawls will serve as the perfect décor elements. When the night falls, you can leave the tent and admire a night sky with thousands of stars.

An undisputable advantage of the desert is that you won’t disturb anyone there. Also, it is possible to make fireworks without dangerous consequences.

     4. Ride in an air balloon

It can be either the main concert of the event or an entertainment option after the ceremony. In any case, do not skip an opportunity to look at the city and surroundings from the bird’s eye.

The cost of the banquet hall in the fresh air depends on the size; Carrying out a wedding in nature during the warm season; Lack of outsiders; It is convenient to launch fireworks or air lanterns, as well as admire the stars; Fresh and interesting green grass contests; Beautiful and bright photos. Dubai is an excellent choice for those who dream of a luxurious wedding in the best European traditions, but with a characteristic oriental flavor.

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