A marriage proposal is an unforgettable event for every girl. Women remember this day for the rest of their lives. So, a boyfriend should please his beloved and try to make the event enjoyable and original. Making a proposal in Dubai is the perfect option. The city offers a lot of opportunities for developing creative ideas so that your sweetheart remembers the event for years.

  1. Onboard a yacht

Take a voyage along with the city and admire picturesque views of surroundings. Stay together somewhere surrounded by water, set a romantic table, listen to calm music, and enjoy each other’s company. This is the perfect moment to express your feelings and pronounce the words every woman dreams of.

     2. While a camel ride in a desert

This is one of the most popular entertainments for visitors in Dubai. So, take a camel ride and have a trip across a desert. When you have a picnic or rest, find the moment to stay alone and say the most desired words. Create an original speech related to the desert. For example, “let our love be endless like this desert” or something like this.

    3. On a beach under the rays of a setting sun

Evening walks are especially romantic. Scrolling through the streets illuminated with various lights, admiring the beauty of a night city. Take a bottle of champagne, go to the beach, and stay together there. When the sun lights up your faces, say cordial words to you sweetheart.

   4. In the Miracle Garden

This is a truly fabulous place. When you enter the park, it seems that you’re in Wonderland. Every inch of the territory is decorated with flowers or greenery. Amazing sculptures from flowers are scattered around the territory. Find a flower arch in the park and make a proposal right under it.

  5. On the observation deck

Burj Khalifa is a well-known Dubai skyscraper. It has an observation deck at the top of the building. Go there and propose your beloved.

  6. In an air balloon

Have an air balloon ride, admire picturesque nature and surrounding views. The atmosphere is romantic; it is the perfect time to open your soul and say what you feel.

Impress your future wife with a unique proposal in Dubai, a city full of oriental charm and a lot of Instagrammable places.