Wedding in gold color

Golden is associated with prosperity, luxury, wealth, it can perfectly suit your celebration. If you want to spend your wedding luxuriously and with chic, feel free to choose a golden style for your holiday, it will not leave you unnoticed on this day. Gold will perfectly harmonize with colors such as bronze, beige, white, and chocolate.

When choosing such an interesting color for your outfit, you will feel like a real princess, but do not overdo it with accessories of the same color, otherwise, it will not look very appropriate. But shoes of golden shades are perfect for such an outfit. For those who prefer a standard white wedding outfit, they can emphasize gold on the decorations and elements of the wedding dress, decorating it with stones or sequins.

If the girl decided to opt for gold, then in order not to overshadow the groom, he should choose a shiny suit with a white shirt and accessories. If she chooses a classic white dress, then the groom needs to choose accessories in golden tones. It can be a tie/bow tie, belt, boutonniere, or cufflinks.

Of course, a bouquet of yellow flowers, such as roses, decorated with golden attributes, is suitable for the bride. As for the bridesmaids, they should not stand out against the background of the bride, so they should choose dresses of a calm shade.

Be sure to pay attention to the banquet hall, decorating it with live or artificial flowers. It is worth choosing from pale yellow and white, preferably brilliant compositions. Chairs and tables can be covered with beautiful white covers and tablecloths, with some golden addition, dishes with gilded edging will fit perfectly. The highlight of the evening will be lit candles that will create an atmosphere of luxury in your banquet hall. The final detail of the wedding decor in the golden style will be an unusual cake, in the tone of your holiday.

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