Dubai is a resort with the tallest skyscrapers and unique world-class gaming centers. City visitors will find an abundance of locations for incredibly interesting entertainment, including attractions, water parks, entertainment, and educational complexes, zoos, and gardens for outdoor walks. Many of them are situated in the central regions, while others are located outside the city. Be sure that you’ll find the right place for your child’s birthday celebration.

  1. IMG Worlds of Adventure

This is the park of the newest and modern attractions. Animators in costumes of popular cartoon characters welcome children to the park upon entry. A theme park features 3D-5D animation in a flying saucer, computer game rooms, high-speed rides and carousels for the smallest kids, a horror room, and a zombie hotel. The halls are equipped with cafes, shops, and restaurant areas.

  1. Wild Wadi Aquapark

An artificially created water flow stretches across the park and is connected by dozens of channels. The park comprises such popular entertainment options as two slides for surfers, a pool with artificial waves, extreme whirlpools, descents on inflatable boats, and children's play pools. When you’re tired and done with amusement, have a rest and grab a bite in one of the Wild Wadi’s launch zones.

  1. The Lost Chambers Museum

Get closer to nature and discover the underwater world. Giant aquariums, thematic rooms, and interesting guide stories will catch children. Elder visitors are provided with the opportunity to feed sharks and stingrays, dive, and snorkel with them.

  1. Children's country KidZania

Here, children can feel like adults! The venue offers kids to live in another world where they are adults. Children can spend funds on attractions, and when they are run out of money, they should pick a profession and work as real adults.

This is not the whole list of available divertissements. The conclusion is that in Dubai, you’ll definitely find the venue to celebrate your child’s holiday.