When a wedding celebration is over, newlyweds go on a honeymoon to enjoy each other’s company and rest. Below, you’ll find TOP-10 worthy destinations to go on a honeymoon.
1.    The Bahamas is the place that couples have always dreamed of. Despite the frenzied popularity of this resort, there are still places where you can seclude yourself from surrounding people and enjoy communication with each other. There are well-groomed sandy beaches, comfortable hotels, beautiful places, and a warm climate; in a word, everything that newlyweds need.
2.    France with its capital – Paris is undoubtedly the country of lovers. The very air of Paris favors love and harmony. This city is as if created for lovers and for honeymoon travel. Despite the fact that Paris is far from being the most budgetary European city, you can admire its sights for free. If you avoid sightseeing tours and go there on your own, then your wedding adventure will be unforgettable. Romance, the subtle scent of French perfume and croissants, the Eiffel Tower, the Seine – all these are ideal for newlyweds.
3.    If you want to spend your wedding vacation on the beach, then go to Barbados. Indescribable beauty, fiery atmosphere, excellent cuisine – your honeymoon trip will be of the highest standard.
4.    Going to New York, you can always enjoy its beauty from the tallest building or just rest in a cozy cafe, watching the life of the bustling metropolis. There are many places in the city, which are worthy for honeymooners.
5.    Saint Lucia is the perfect place for a secluded getaway. There are many closed beaches and wonderful landscapes. If you do not like hustle and bustle, then head yourself to this island.
6.    Sardinia is the perfect destination for couples who don’t like excess attention; there are not many tourists there, so you will avoid the hustle and bustle, crowds of children, and noisy excursion groups. And at the same time, you can enjoy high-quality Italian cuisine and exquisite architecture.
7.    Mauritius is considered to be a honeymoon paradise. Sandy beaches, the abundance of greenery, the beauty of mountains, clear water – all these will make your vacation unforgettable and enjoyable.
8.    Madeira is a fabulous place in the middle of the Atlantic Ocean. There, the whole atmosphere is in love. The island’s flora is diverse and magnificent. Landscapes will make you take your breath.
9.    Venice is the most romantic and fabulous city. You can take a gondola and sail along its narrow streets, admiring the beauty of the architectural structures. But it is worth choosing a time when the flow of tourists is the smallest, as noisy excursion tours do not add charm to the honeymoon trip.
10.    Seychelles is a romantic place that has always attracted lovers. This is a paradise with a wonderful climate and magnificent landscapes.

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