Dubai is the place where every visitor will find an entertainment option to his/her taste. This is the city where a great variety of options on how to spend a holiday unforgettably meet. Its favorable geographic position contributes to this fact.

If you want to celebrate your wedding anniversary with pleasure, joy, and adventure, Dubai is the right destination for you. Below, let’s see what divertissements the city offers to its visitors.

  1. A romantic dinner on board a yacht

If a couple wants to spend time along with each other, having a voyage along the seashore will be an excellent option. Rent a snow-white yacht, order catering services, arrange a romantic dinner, listen to slow music, and relax. This is the perfect time to avoid hustles and slow down the pace of life. Admire urban buildings in the rays of the sunset, a night sky with stars.

  1. A safari in the desert

This option is perfect for extreme lovers. Rent ATVs and have an adventure in the desert. Splash out adrenaline and ride this “wild machine”. Then, you can have dinner in a cafe located right in the heart of the desert or even spend a night in a tent there. Endless sands and a night sky will plunge you into the atmosphere of traditional Arabian life.

  1. An air balloon ride

If you want to admire the city and its suburbs from the bird’s eye, have an air balloon ride. Observe picturesque landscapes, the peaks of skyscrapers in the rays of a rising sun, camels wandering in the desert… Be sure that this activity won’t leave you indifferent.

  1. Visit the Miracle Garden

This is the world of flowers and greenery. The park is considered the best place for taking photos. Amazing floral arrangements, sculptures made of greenery, flower arches, and much more are waiting for tourists there.

  1. Spas and restaurants

The city is full of cafes/restaurants, care centers. This option will be an excellent way to finish a busy day. Relax in a spa and try a delicious meal in one of the numerous restaurants.

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