A wedding is the happiest day for two loving hearts. It is necessary to play it so that the big celebration will be preserved for a long time in the memory of the young family and the invited friends of the beloved. Not turning this holiday into a banal party is not an easy task. What idea should I take as the basis for the design and conduct of the wedding ritual?

One of the options to give the event brightness and juiciness is to hold it in a fruity style. All the key moments of the celebration should be combined with each other, and the sweet fruits of the garden will serve as a unifying beginning. Why not? Where did the grandparents walk? Answer: "In the thickets of the Garden of Eden." Now everything is in order.

1. The main characters are the bride and groom. The style of the wedding is already set in the combination of the groom's costume with the bride's outfit. If the choice is small for a man, then there is a place for a flight of fancy for a newlywed. The wedding dress can be any color. This is a delicate raspberry, and juicy peach, deep orange, pastel shades of plum. After determining the color of the dress to match it, a suit for the groom is chosen. Traditional black will not sound dissonant, and bright cufflinks, a tie clip made in a fruity style will serve as an addition to it. Appropriate decorations are added to the bride's hairstyle or headdress.

2. Wedding invitations. Friends and relatives invited to the celebration are notified by postcards in the form of the fruit that is chosen as the highlight of the program. In the postcard, in addition to marking the place and time, you can ask to bring one medium apple. When meeting at the venue of the event, guests are given badges-hairpins in the same manner. If the wedding is going to a cafe, then you can't confuse your own with anyone else.

3. In summer, the venue for a festive feast can be a beach or a yacht, a country house by the water, or a romantic restaurant

4. The wedding cars. All trips of this day are made on colored cars. The groom and his friends - in a red car. The bride and her friends - in a yellow car. On the trunks of cars, you can fix dummies of watermelon (the largest berry in the world), apple (the highlight of the program). They can then be used in games and contests at the wedding.

5. Decoration of the wedding venue. Garlands in the form of a vine are attached to the walls. Bright bunches of grapes can be hung at different levels.

6. Table. Snow-white tablecloths will add solemnity to the event, and the color of fruits in vases will remind you of the style. Pastel-colored napkins depicting apples (plums or other fruit chosen as a favorite) will not spoil the general trend of the holiday.

7. The storyline of the toastmaster. The wedding host will prepare a program on the theme "Fruits and berries". Of course, this is not a lecture on how to remove large harvests from one small twig. Although a short informative story will not hurt the fun, because there are a lot of summer residents in the hall, and it will be interesting for them. New acquaintances can be made. A festive feast cannot be turned into one gluttony. Therefore, the toastmaster can offer various:

a) Games, the leitmotif of which is the fruit style. 

b) Contests.

c) Questions for intellectuals. Which fruit helped to discover the law of universal gravitation? Answer: the highlight of the program is an apple.

A family's birthday, like a child's birthday, should be remembered for a lifetime. The fruity style of the wedding will help to keep in mind the brightest moments of this strategic event of life.

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