A fairytale-style wedding is an opportunity to make your celebration unique, bright, and stylish. Many people dream about it, but not everyone understands how. Therefore, you can use this idea and organize a fabulous celebration that will appeal to absolutely all participants in the event. The organization needs to be approached with all seriousness, to think over the scenario of the fairy tale for the wedding in advance, to prepare all the details. You will need the help of friends with a wonderful imagination, then the preparation of the wedding will become a real holiday in itself.

It will be quite easy to organize such a wedding if you think over the algorithm in advance and decide on a list of necessary things. What must be done without fail: Decide what concept your wedding will take. It is best to choose a fairy tale and already start from this work. Make invitations for guests. For guests to immediately understand the concept of the event, you need to make them in a fairy-tale style. If you have enough free time, then you can do it yourself.

Or you can make the order or just buy them in the bridal salon. Decide where exactly you are organizing the banquet, as well as think over the decoration of the hall for a wedding in the style of a fairy tale. Buy outfits for the bride and groom, as well as decide on the image of the witnesses. You can organize a fairy tale by roles for a wedding, then you need to determine who will play which role. Well, since all fairy tales must end with a wedding, the role of the bride and groom is immediately clear. Decide on the wedding procession. Agree with photographers and operators so that at the end you will have not only pleasant memories but also material evidence of your fabulous celebration.

 What fairy tales can be chosen for a wedding Each of us has our favorite fairy tales. Many dreams of becoming the heroes of these fairy tales and find themselves in the place of princes and princesses, fabulous monsters. The converted fairy tales for the wedding are a real find for lovers of miracles. Many scenarios can be thought of. Interesting tales are Alice in Wonderland. The invitees and witnesses can play the roles of various characters in the tale.

Wedding in the style of an oriental fairy tale. What could be more romantic than the east? You can organize a wedding in the style of a real harem, or you can plunge into the atmosphere of the Thousand and One Nights. For such a wedding, you need to purchase a lot of candles, light airy fabrics, lamps. Oriental carpets will create additional surroundings, and hookahs and tea in small glasses will help guests to relax and find a common language. And you can't do without bewitching oriental dances.

A wedding in the style of a medieval fairy tale. Such an event can be held in a castle or in a clearing surrounded by guests dressed as princesses and knights in shining armor.

If you decide to organize a wedding in the style of an oriental fairy tale, then you can negotiate with a restaurant offering oriental cuisine. Most likely, it will already be decorated in accordance with the theme you need, so you do not have to spend money on decorating the room. For any fairy tale, a bright, spacious room, similar to the hall of a large rich palace, is suitable.

A fairytale-style wedding will allow you to make any of your dreams come true. This style lets your fantasy run wild. You can plunge headlong into the plot and appear before the guests in the form of fairy-tale characters, or you can stick to wedding traditions and use only fairy-tale elements for the outfit. A princess dress from any Disney cartoon if you want to fulfill your childhood dreams of becoming a princess. In this case, the groom can come for you in a beautiful uniform on a white horse. The dress of an oriental bride can be made of light airy fabrics. Guest Outfits Warn your guests in advance about the wedding theme.

they should be at least a month to prepare. Or, come up with fabulous details that you can hand out to guests so they can come in whatever they want. Witness and witness like no one else should support the concept of a wedding. Better to think over their outfits in advance. If you decide to organize a funny fairy tale for a wedding by roles, then determine in advance the roles of each of the guests and decide which costume will suit him. Do not force everyone to come in special suits, some may not be comfortable. For example, older guests.

If you have already chosen the concept of the event and even chose the premises where the wedding will take place, it’s time to solve all the issues related to decorating the wedding venue. Try to make each of the invitees feel like a character descended from the pages of a fairy tale.

 To create the atmosphere of a wedding in the style of a fairy tale, you can use many fabulous details: garlands, fir branches, candles, appropriate music. In the matter of design, the main thing is imagination. And you should understand that, for example, for a wedding in the style of "Cinderella" it is better not to use oriental hookahs. The stylistics should not be lame.

A winter fairytale wedding can be especially beautifully decorated. You can use tinsel, snowflakes, silver and white balls of various sizes in the decoration. A special highlight will be the mysterious lighting of the room. To decorate the room well and choose all the necessary details, before deciding what and where to buy or do, read again your favorite fairy tale, watch cartoons or films. This will help you. Do not forget about the main rule of the festive table in fairy tales, where a feast is arranged for the whole world.

If you decide to have a wedding in a fairytale style, then you should think over any little things, including invitations. An invitation card is a business card, according to which guests will understand what format the event will be in and what exactly is expected of them. The invitation must be original, with a reference to fairy tale characters. To make them, you can use any material - patterns, fonts, beautiful paper. Any form of invitation can be. It can be a Christmas tree for a winter fairy tale or some image of a favorite character.

Bride's bouquet in a fairy-tale style A fairy tale is usually bright, so it is better to make a bouquet like that. You can use pearls, ribbons, lace, feathers, or fruits to create a floral arrangement. It is necessary that the color composition coincides with the general wedding theme. A wedding in a fairy-tale style allows the imagination to roam and make a wonderful unforgettable bouquet. Ideas for a bouquet can also be gleaned from a fairy tale, from cartoons. There are flowers in any fairy tale, so just take a closer look.

The final note that everyone present will remember is the cake. To maintain the style, it also needs to be ordered in a fairytale style. The top of the cake can be decorated with figures of the main characters of your fairy tale, and the tiers of the cake with various landscapes, scenes from the work.

A fairytale-style wedding involves unusual modes of transport. A horse-drawn carriage can be rented. And if, for example, your wedding is scheduled for the winter months, then you can find a sleigh. Such transport will cause a storm of emotions not only among the bride and groom but also among those invited. And photos taken during a wedding in a fairytale style will definitely not leave anyone indifferent and will become your family pride.

Each of us has our own favorite fairy tale. A wedding is a day when we become princes and princesses in some way, so all our dreams can be realized. A wedding in the style of a fairy tale is a childish joy for adults, because no matter how old we are, in our hearts there is always a corner of our childhood, with our favorite characters and rich imagination.

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