Everyone knows that weddings are an essential part of everyone’s life. Our event planning team can help to make it be stunning and without investing months of preparation. We have good experience with various aspects of an organization that makes us a trustworthy event management agency.

What can we provide for your wedding?
•  Wedding theme and a concept
•  Entertainment 
•  Venue decor
•  Wedding day coordinating
•  Floral arrangements
•  Transport arrangements
•  Photography and videography arrangement
•  etc. that your heart would want.
We can proudly say that with our experience, we can take care of anything you might need for a wedding starting from the venue selection up to invites or travel arrangements.
What will you get from our help?
•  More time to focus on yourselves
•  Less stress
•  Lower chance of mischiefs
•  Perfect organization and design
We have a trained eye for different kinds of weddings: Arabic, Indian, non-ordinary themed, Western, you name it. We are not afraid to take challenges according to each other preferences.
What is a typical wedding in the UAE?
•  It lasts 2-5 days
•  The highest level of quality and discretion
•  The high importance of venue (private villas, exclusive yachts, sandy beaches near the Gulf Arabic, etc.)
•  A well-thought choice where the guests will stay – in hotels, with additional tourist attractions

You can smoothly go to any other place. We have a great experience with different locations. Planning can be exciting and filled with positive emotions. Why are we so confident about organizing any wedding? We have helped numerous entrepreneurs with their unique requirements but that doesn’t mean that we cannot be creative. Together we can make the best out of the contrasting UAE. The same goes for Dubai that can be high-tech, modern, cultural, Arabic, eastern, a mixture of East and West, originality of the past, etc you can have skydiving, camel rides, swimming with dolphins, and way more. You won’t have to choose just one activity because it is too much fuss. You can also state your budget, and we can do all the calculations to find the best offers and possibilities to fit in it without saying no to many things. We have experience with the best high-end offers as well as something unique and appealing based on personalities, including the guests and what they would like/be able to do. Not all activities will fit everyone. You need to also think about the smaller guests that will also be a part of any wedding. They need exceptional food, activities, etc. that require additional planning and time that not everyone is willing to invest and that is entirely understandable. It is all about the ones who are getting married first, and then others come after. Our team will make the best time for you, your other half, family, friends, and their kids. Everything can be up to the highest quality, with perfect timing, and all the other parts for a memorable time.

Every couple dreams of a beautiful unforgettable wedding ceremony. A standard banquet in a café or the backyard seems commonplace to modern newlyweds. They want to hold an original celebration. A wedding in Dubai serves as an excellent alternative. The option has a lot of advantages, namely:

  • Different options of how to celebrate the event are available. The city’s geographical position is beneficial. So, it is possible to have a wedding ceremony on the beach, on board a yacht, or in the desert. Local wedding agencies offer a wide range of original options.
  • Newlyweds can arrange a festive unforgettable ceremony instead of a commonplace marriage procedure in a registry office.
  • It is possible to kill two birds with one stone by having a wedding celebration and a honeymoon at once. After the holiday is over, send guests home and stay together in the city for a couple of days or weeks.
  • Dubai is a luxury place so be sure that your event will be royal in any case. No matter what wedding option your will pick, you’ll get an unforgettable event.
  • The best service providers. Reputable contractors from all over the world come to the city to provide their services. So, be sure that you’ll easily find high-reputation contractors for your holiday. Here, it is worth mentioning wedding agencies. An indisputable plus of addressing them is that they have already compiled the list of the best service provider with which they cooperate.
  • Amazing views and breathtaking landscape. Be sure to take excellent photos. The city is full of gorgeous locations where newlyweds can hold a wedding photoshoot. For example, the Miracle Garden, the desert, the beach, the Burj Khalifa’s observation deck, etc.
  • No need to invite a lot of invitees. Be sure that the majority of guests won’t agree to fly to another country to celebrate your holiday. So, those couples, that dream of a small quiet event, can benefit from this.

    Main Steps of your Wedding Planning

    First meeting: 

    Discussion of the general format of the event and the full presentation of our agency and list of services we provide.

    General rates guide. 

    Preparation and signing the contract, making a deposit payment.

    Second meeting:

  • Choosing the venue for your event. We will offer you a great choice of different instagrammable places for your celebration according to all your requirements: rooftop venues, picturesque gardens, indoor-outdoor wedding halls, seaside, desert.
  • The detailed development of a wedding concept. The discussion of all your wishes and the general vision including the entertainment options like live music, dance show, fireworks, etc. of your wedding day. We do an approximate general concept of the program and the theme of the wedding day.
  • Venue confirmation, choosing the menu according to your taste, meeting the venue flower decorator. Presentation of the detailed decor concept, discussing the style of invitations.
  • A detailed decor presentation of the wedding venue will be discussed, indicating all the prices for flowers, tables set up, and other required decorations. We give them information about all the services for your approval. The following services can be provided:
  • Photo and video
  • Live band / DJ
  • Sound and lighting
  • Stylist and make-up artist
  • Show program
  • Emcee
  • Meetings with MC, manager of show program, musicians
  • Providing you a primary quotation, which includes the entire list of approved services and decorations.
  • Finalization and approval of the final quotation. Prepayment of 70%.
  • Working out and approval of the evening program with MC.
  • Organization of food tasting. It might be a trial make-up and hairstyle arranged on request.
  • Approval of timing of your event.
  • The final meeting, final discussion of all matters, approval of final guest, and seating plan. Final payment.

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