Access to a desert is one more feature of Dubai. It allows holding unique entertainment and spending time originally. Let’s see how you can use this advantage if you plan to arrange a wedding in Dubai. A desert wedding offers several options on how to arrange the celebration:

A classic wedding in a restaurant in the center of the desert;

A traditional Arabian celebration with camels, cushions, traditional food, live music.

The first option is rather commonplace. The main difference is that your venue is surrounded by endless sand. The second one is more interesting. This option will be original. Let’s see how to hold a traditional Arabian wedding.

What to wear?

It’s clear that traditional Arabian outfits are needed. Either newlyweds or guests should put on such clothes.

How to decorate?

As a rule, a location is chosen in a traditional style. Frequently, a tent is offered in such cases. The main decorative elements are cushions and carpets with ornament, candles, shawls, all sorts of drapery. Dry sticks or flowers/greenery are put in vases.

What about the menu?

Traditional dishes and food will be on tables. This will support the whole concept of the event and let invites try new foods cooked according to old Arabian receipts.

How to entertain guests?

In addition to a toastmaster’s entertaining program, you can rent some camels and hold rides for guests. An air balloon ride is one more entertainment option available in the desert. Also, it is possible to arrange creative fireworks at the night.

Everything depends on the size of your budget. Although some people may think that the desert is all about sand, and the celebration is doomed to be dull, it is wrong.

An undisputable advantage of the desert is that no one will disturb you, as well as you and your guests won’t disturb other people.

Weddings are always very unique. It"s a great occasion to celebrate the eternal love of the couple and it’s a great opportunity for friends and family to take part in this remarkable event. For many brides and grooms, Dubai is the right place to celebrate this unforgettable occasion. This stunning city is the home of the most glorious venues to say your I Do’s. There are a lot of fabulous garden outdoor venues to make your day spectacular and if your dream is to have a romantic venue party, but in a hotel, Maha Desert and Spa is a great option for the ultimate outdoor wedding. It"s the idyllic romantic spot for a desert wedding which is suitable for a party of up to 300 guests. Bab Al Shams hotel is well-known and extremely popular for the most magical, exclusive wedding celebration. Our event planners will assist you in choosing the right hotel for an incredible reception to make your special day truly amazing.

Elegant, rustic lovely settings make a destination wedding in Dubai, the real oasis of romantic events. Plan your marriage proposal, engagement party, bespoke reception in the desert. We will guide you in finding the proper venue, floral design, customized menu, live entertainment artists, lighting, and professional fireworks. The celebration will be surrounded by the natural elegance of a hidden desert paradise. Al Maha, A Luxury Collection Desert Resort & Spa is an enchanting destination in Dubai Desert Conservation Reserve which is the perfect and matchless outdoor venue for a memorable event and honeymoon getaway. The resort also offers small indoor venues for your outstanding event and private party or just a romantic dinner for two. enjoying the Bedouin-style adventure

The marriage celebration will be held exclusively according to your scenario and ideas that will be realized. The architecture of the city, picturesque views: from the desert to the boundless sea, the color of the West and the East in one place, chic palaces and buildings drowning in the sky, a variety of cuisine - all this is about Dubai. The organization of the event has its own difficulties for the guests of the country associated with other customs, traditions, faith, and culture. Definitely, for full-fledged wedding preparation, you need to contact event planners, and you need to do this as early as possible before the desired date of the celebration. Many newlyweds choose an alternative, more budget option -tie the knot in their city, and the ceremony itself with a photographer, videography, and a minimum number of guests - in Dubai. This is due to the difficulties and cost of the payment process for all guests of the flight, accommodation, visa processing, and similar organizational issues. But a fairy tale for two is not just the ceremony itself, but also an opportunity to spend a honeymoon here.
To organize the event, you will need: set an exact date contact our wedding planners to solve all issues related to the celebration scenario.

Imagine flowing sand that makes you forget about the passage of time, captivating dunes, gently enveloping warmth, and caressing sun rays… There is a silent beauty around, untouched by the human hand, which seems to have no end and no end – this greatness stretches to the horizon. A dream isn't it: in the center of this splendor, you are with your significant other on the most important day of your life! The Dubai desert will be a spectacular backdrop for an unusual marriage party. Memories of this day will stay with you for the rest of your life and will warm you on cold winter evenings.

A good option is to set up a tent in the middle of the desert, arrange luxurious thrones for the newlyweds - to create an atmosphere of an oriental fairy tale. Our wedding agency will help you with this. Designers will think over the design of the ceremony, florists will take care of the floral accompaniment, stylists will take care of the bridal look. An English or your choice of language wedding celebrant, a professional photographer, and videographer, a personal driver who will take you to the place of celebration will also help in creating this special day.

Another solution is to settle on a green island of life in the middle of the desert, in an oasis hotel. Here you are guaranteed all the amenities, and oriental architecture and authentic interior will give you even more positive emotions. The atmosphere that will reign at your holiday is the work of decorators and designers. To give the place an oriental style, fresh flowers and rose petals, drapery with fabric, all kinds of candlesticks and suitable lighting of the room will be used.

In addition to the attractiveness of mesmerizing landscapes, there are many reasons that make the bride and groom prefer a wedding in the desert to a classic celebration:

* Prestige. A wedding ceremony in Dubai is an indicator of prosperity, luxury. Exotic will emphasize your non-standard nature.

* Unique romantic mood. You are far away from the bustling metropolis and it's as if you find yourself in a fairy tale about Aladdin. A picturesque sunset, a delicious dinner - all this creates an unforgettable atmosphere.

* Amazing photoshoot. Unique views will be great decorations for your photo session..

* Exotic entertaining program. The newlyweds invite illusionists, fire shows, dancers, musicians.

* Oriental flavor. You can play a real Oriental wedding by choosing traditional Arabic clothes with numerous patterns and decorations.

* Holding a celebration at any time of the year. Dubai is one of the hottest cities in the world. Even in winter, the average temperature here reaches + 20 degrees.

To devote time to each other and escape from the bustling metropolis - what could be more beautiful? Especially on such an important day as a wedding. Hide from everyone in the silence of the desert, immersed in an exotic atmosphere – and our agency will help to organize the ceremony perfectly.

Careful preparation is half the success of the whole event. Many choose the following celebration plan:

* a luxury car picks you up from the hotel and takes you to where the decorators and florists have already worked;

* the solemn part of the ceremony with vows, exchange of rings;

* the first dance of the newlyweds;

* staged photoshoot and video shooting;

* following some Arabic traditions for entourage;

* transfer to the hotel.

The scenario varies depending on your desire, imagination, and budget. The package of services for organizing a wedding in the UAE desert also includes a meeting with the coordinator, the design of the bride's bouquet and boutonniere for the groom, ordering soft drinks and treats, music, the work of the master of ceremonies, and a show program.

If you are planning a wedding celebration and want to create an absolutely unique holiday, then our advice to you: choose a celebration in the desert. Hotels, restaurants, and country clubs are now difficult to surprise. The desert is quite another matter. Such a unique holiday can be organized exclusively in the United Arab Emirates.

The desert amazes with its beauty, mystery, silence. Many poets consider the desert to be a symbol of eternity. You can be sure that no one of your friends will have such a wow event anymore, and the guests will be pleasantly surprised. To feel the oriental culture subtly, to feel the southern flavor and exoticism at your own Big Day is a real dream.

You will definitely appreciate such an unusual place for the ceremony, and that's why:

* There is an opportunity to beat the oriental flavor. Dress up in a shiny dress with patterns and an Arab caftan, organize a luxurious table, invite dancers, illusionists, musicians.

* Extraordinary photos will remain in memory. Flowing sand, powerful dunes, and you, literally enveloped in sunlight – such pictures will delight everyone without exception.

* Prestige. How many people can afford a holiday in the heart of the desert? This is an indicator of luxury and your desire to organize an unforgettable, creative celebration.

* Ideal for weddings, even in winter and autumn. Most days of the year are sunny and dry.

The unique oriental entourage will enchant from the first moment and will envelop this day with special emotions, where even ordinary phenomena will seem like miracles from the pages of a fairy tale… Treat yourself to magic, contact our wedding planners– and we will make sure that you feel like a Prince and a Princess!

Dubai is an excellent choice for those who dream of a luxurious event in the best European traditions, but with a characteristic oriental flavor. The symbolic wedding ceremony is possible for foreign tourists here.  A desert ceremony will allow the newlyweds to feel themselves in the center of a real oriental fairy tale.

The average cost depends on the venue, decor, the number of guests, menu, photo, video, flowers, arch, etc. Please, contact us for prices and other details while you planning your event.

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