Access to a desert is one more feature of Dubai. It allows holding unique entertainment and spend time originally. Let’s see how you can use this advantage if you plan to arrange a wedding in Dubai. A desert wedding offers several options on how to arrange the celebration:

A classic wedding in a restaurant in the center of the desert;

A traditional Arabian celebration with camels, cushions, traditional food, live music.

The first option is rather commonplace. The main difference is that your venue is surrounded by endless sand. The second one is more interesting. This option will be original. Let’s see how to hold a traditional Arabian wedding.

What to wear?

It’s clear that traditional Arabian outfits are needed. Either newlyweds or guests should put on such clothes.

How to decorate?

As a rule, a location is chosen in a traditional style. Frequently, a tent is offered in such cases. The main decorative elements are cushions and carpets with ornament, candles, shawls, all sorts of drapery. Dry sticks or flowers/greenery are put in vases.

What about the menu?

Traditional dishes and food will be on tables. This will support the whole concept of the event and let invites try new foods cooked according to old Arabian receipts.

How to entertain guests?

In addition to a toastmaster’s entertaining program, you can rent some camels and hold rides for guests. An air balloon ride is one more entertainment option available in the desert. Also, it is possible to arrange creative fireworks at the night.

Everything depends on the size of your budget. Although some people may think that the desert is all about sand, and the celebration is doomed to be dull, it is wrong.

An undisputable advantage of the desert is that no one will disturb you, as well as you and your guests won’t disturb other people.