When you are in the UAE, you will feel that the whole place is blooming with multiple kinds of business fields and opportunities. It makes the area very good and accessible among entrepreneurs. Tourism and business go hand in hand and offer various benefits to professionals or pure tourists that think about possibilities in the region. The exploration doesn’t stop just in Dubai. Many more great cities can bring outstanding options to any business depending on the field, for example, hospitality, food and beverage, entertainment, and countless others.
How can our team help?
To achieve more from this supportive environment, it is still necessary to adapt to the local rules and understand the current trends. It might require a lot of research, and again, it can be challenging at first. Any person still needs to understand which relevant sources are. Businessmen services are one of the ways that allow getting to know the environment from the inside. It is also rapidly becoming more and more popular. 
Qualitative business guides can help with various aspects, as they are experts in this sphere. They can provide the best program for a better understanding of business in the UAE. An excellent opportunity is to see real models of successful local enterprises and their functions. Additional to that also special professional and commercial events and activities can help better understand what can be a part of a successful business. Every traveler can easily state his or her wishes to make the program more suitable for each case and see as much as possible within the available time. That also means that any person won’t need to look or hear something that seems irrelevant or annoying. The same goes for events. It is not something that is offered by an ordinary tour because we understand the needs of every customer. 
You can make your trip as comfortable as possible. That means that there won’t be a hustle about making airline and hotel bookings, scheduling of the meeting, and other things that might be necessary. Also, we can take care of transfer arrangements while you focus on other things. Professionals can also help with finding the best accommodation in the UAE at any time and season. Any time when there is a need or desire to explore the newest offers in this modern and competitive industry, it is possible just to choose some of the services without a need to make a thousand arrangements.

Do you wonder why you need a business assistant? Every businessman knows for sure that an experienced assistant is like your right hand. Especially, when visiting foreign countries or dealing with a wide range of duties at a time. But, let’s consider things in order.

If you need to visit Dubai for a couple of days or weeks for business purposes, personal business assistant services are what you need. A skilled employee will:

  • Book hotel;
  • Reserve airline tickets;
  • Receive and see off at the airport;
  • Arrange meetings with partners and investors;
  • Find suitable venues for holding seminars, presentations, conferences;
  • Provide shorthand writing and minutes taking services;
  • Schedule your tasks and manage your business day efficiently.

This is not the whole list of services provided by a business assistant. To summarize, the assistant will make your stay in the city comfortable and effective. The person will take all your organizational concerns on his/her shoulders.

Here are 4 reasons to contact our agency and hire the specialist:

  1. Time-saving

Businessmen are very busy. They have to consider many issues, visit several meetings/conferences, deal with a wide range of tasks during a day. Thus, it is difficult to schedule all the tasks yourself to ensure an efficient time allocation. Moreover, when you’re in a foreign country. The assistant will schedule your workday efficiently and ensure coping with all the planned tasks as quickly as possible.

  1. Meeting arrangement

If you plan to hold ay corporate events, then, it is necessary to find suitable venues. The employee has a premade list of the best locations and will quickly pick the most appropriate option.

  1. Navigation

If your meetings/duties are in different parts of the city, you should navigate well. The assistant will develop the most optimal routes and ensure saving time on the road. Moreover, it will pick a suitable car and its driver who perfectly knows the city.

  1. Coordination

He/she will be next to you throughout the day and coordinate your plans. So, you can throw all duties from your head and concentrate on current deals/talks/meetings. The assistant will keep your upcoming tasks in his/her head.

To conclude, the personal business assistant is an indispensable person for businessmen who are on a mission in Dubai. Turn to our services and save your time and efforts.

Professional concierge services in Dubai

You probably already wondered how wealthy tourists plan their holidays. The answer is simple: they use the services of a luxury concierge service, which allows them to shift numerous small matters onto the shoulders of a personal assistant and focus on their work or leisure.

Recently, concierge services are rapidly gaining popularity. Personal concierge service is a significant time-saver.

Our company will do everything to make your vacation in Dubai the most vivid, memorable and exceed all your expectations. We have an individual approach to each guest and a quick and worthy solution to any desire. We work directly with each hotel and having partnerships, we get the best rooms at corporate prices for our guests. During your entire stay in the UAE, our employee will be in touch with you 24 hours a day and you will be able to contact him on any issue. He will fulfill your urgent order, provide the necessary information on your request and help you book the services you need.

We are ready to fulfill both standard requests and the most unusual wishes of our clients, including:

* tours of the United Arab Emirates;

* fishing and yacht cruises;

* personal driver services;

* car rental of any class;

• professional photographer services;

* assistance at business meetings and assistance of an interpreter

• shopping tours;

* restaurant reservations, gastronomic tours;

* flower and gift delivery;

* fitness and lifestyle services: search for spas, beauty salons, personal trainers, etc.;

* selection of home staff;

* visiting the best restaurants and being served by personal chefs;

* careful selection of guides familiar with the specifics of various destinations;

* turnkey tours of any complexity: flights, hotels, cruises;

* purchase tickets for international sporting events, fashion shows, concerts, access to luxury goods presentations, private collections viewing, and much more.

Our specialists plan an exclusive vacation taking into account the individual needs of the client, carefully listening to the requirements, and taking care of everyone. Discover a world of limitless possibilities with us!