Our K & M Consultancy team with many years of experience offer professional services. Among those also are bookkeeping and accounting that is crucial for every company set up in the UAE. That refers to different business startup Dubai as well as already established company documentation. With the new regulations and rapid developer spent, it is worth to consider our help.

Why are pro services Dubai for bookkeeping and accounting better?

You can forget about the need to try finding qualified and trustworthy accounting specialists and bookkeepers because we can provide easy access to them. You can forget that you will ever have to worry about hiring someone again.

For some company formation in Dubai that already established but the employees that are not well-enough qualified, cannot get along with the workflow or have some other problems, our K & M Consultancy is here to provide the best and efficient bookkeeping and accounting solutions with very appealing rates. Our online pro services offer easy access and reduce costs for management.

We are very interested in offering the best results for any new business setup Dubai - UAE. Those who are at a higher level but need an update to manage books efficiently. We provide 24/7 online access to all the information that is regarding the financials of the Dubai business setup. Numerous software programs offer the most secure and user-friendly use like Intacct, QuickBooks, Great Plains, Peachtree, etc. We also know multiple other accounting applications and suggesting the most suitable one.

Our K & M Consultancy bookkeeping and accounting services include:

  • Bank reconciliations – credit cards and checks
  • Electronic document management
  • Accounts payable management – payments and vendor bills
  • Payroll transaction recording and reconciling
  • Inventory management
  • Revenue reconciliation with bank deposit
  • Account receivable management – collections and invoices
  • Preparing reports, annual salary certificate for employees, etc.
  • Payments and setup assistance
  • Salary processing, gratuity payments, bonus, incentives
  • Offshore bank account setup services

We understand that in the competitive environment it is not easy to manage the book of the company because there are also numerous other aspects that need focus, especially if it is a new startup. Every establishment has its core activities and goals that means that you should leave your bookkeeping to us. The main drawback of the lack of quality of this aspect is that there might be no growth of the company or it can stagnate just because of that.  After one goes for setting up a company in UAE Dubai, he or she will think about reliable, accurate, and timely options for financial records from which some need also sending to the legal institutions.

Our K & M Consultancy team consists of highly qualified professionals who can deal with numerous aspects from how to open a company in Dubai up to the most complicated accounting and finance services. We also provide personal meetings to understand better the needs and find the best solutions from the wide selection of our offers as it is crucial for us to give the best support.