K&M Consultation encourages different business startup Dubai to highlight the rise in a particular business. That doesn’t necessarily mean that every story is a success, but there is a lot of good from the competition and participation in individual events and other things.

Flying Colors

Flying colors is not only a part of an expression that means to pass something splendidly but also a competition that takes part in the Gulf region. Its supporter is also Emirates Airline. This competition was for those who have new business setup Dubai - UAE. The main rule for them was that they would be from the UAE. In Flying Colors participated in 300 enterprises in a different size – small and medium. They had an opportunity to share their ideas of company setup in the UAE. The leading price was to win flights with Emirates Airline worth Dh 100,000 (EUR 23,965). The competition started on November 25, 2018.

The main support areas of Flying Colors:

  • Diversity
  • Innovation
  • Creative

This competition was a great addition to the upcoming valuable events for company formation in Dubai including Expo 2020 and the Year of Tolerance. Participants showed their innovative product that was mostly made from recycled materials and with all the necessary patents that prove the quality and safety of use. Dubai business setup is also World Fair Trade Organization-certified. Year of Tolerance is beneficial for numerous people in the workplace as it helped to give equal opportunities to those who want to set up a company in UAE Dubai. The country is on the way to show its commitment to reveal a perfect example of tolerance in the whole world.

Other examples of participants in Flying Colors

SME was one of the investors in Flying Colors. Ministry of Economy state that the SME sector has an outstanding impact on the overall situation with the UAE entities, showing up to 95% support, including 86% of the private sector workforce. SME also contributes 60% to the GDP of the UAE. This addition is a significant positive impact that can see without problems. Their niche is vehicle rental that they want to make more straightforward and more digital. Another example that someone can use for a case to start a business in Dubai is an agriculture company that works on sustainability.

K&M Consultancy can further encourage anyone who is interested in the opening company in Dubai to use different possibilities and achieve the best results. Our team has experience in various other aspects including tax consulting services. We want to encourage anyone, especially startups to use the benefits from the UAE in the upcoming years. There are investors not only for certain competitions with great awards but also in daily life. Any free zone company in the UAE and others can benefit from the advantages that the particular setup brings. The region has a perfect location for international and local growth with the support of the government that makes certain legal aspects easier. For all insecurities, it is possible to have a stable development and find all the necessary support.