In the recent years, it is clear that the UAE is among the leaders in various aspects that are positive indicators also for new business setup Dubai - UAE. One of them is technology. Even for our K&M Consultancy, it plays a significant role in daily functions. We also advise to use it for specific company formation in Dubai or other parts of the country to enhance all the operations.

With the strong economic recovery, e.g., with rising oil prices and diversification of energy sources, also allow certain economic developments that can make gains for any business startup Dubai and others. With the new system changes, it is possible to have easier functionality and boost that everyone needs in their field.

Around the UAE there are also numerous technological events that more people seem to take part. They are attractive to clients, investors, company people themselves. In October, there is GITEX Technology Week. It will happen in Dubai World Trade Centre. It is not the first time for this kind of event. But that doesn’t mean that some Dubai business setup wouldn’t get something interesting out of it. GITEX will show the newest innovation and products in technology. There will be people from all over the world. That means that it is a chance for anyone who plans to set up a company in UAE Dubai. In 2018, the event will focus on Smart Cities, virtual reality, augmented reality, Smart Manufacturing, and the Internet of Things technological sectors. It means that there will be a lot of new information to grasp and use for your benefit. Looking at smart cities, it can help for better understanding of how specific technologies have full integration in the infrastructure and how company setup in the UAE could use it for their benefit. GITEX will also consist of different competitions, tech demonstrations, talks, and other networking opportunities. Even it is not yet clear where one's direction will move after one or more people move to start a business in Dubai; it is still a good starting point.

K&M Consultancy has experience in numerous technological aspects thanks to professional workers who always follow the newest trends in tech and what clients might want. Our pro services Dubai allow seeing more in-depth than the upper layer to make a successful offshore company setup. We undertake risks and are willing to make it easier to understand certain aspects. It is clear that not everyone can know about smart cities or programming, but with the right consultation, one can find the right team or make better decisions that will allow staying competitive in the long run. Anyone who wants to open a company in Dubai or participate in a certain technological event can find what he or she is looking. Additional help is never wrong or in vain if it is professional. Also, technical choices need to be smart and trustworthy. A person shouldn’t believe everything that one says but test everything. Technology makes it easier to check and develop locally and globally with the UAE as a starting point.