Although the economy of the UAE is healthy and shows continuous progressive tendencies, that doesn’t mean that there isn’t something decreasing in some aspects of a business. This time K&M Consultancy wants to look at the employment decline and other data provided by UAE PMI. Is that evil also for new business setup Dubai - UAE?

Employment index in 2016 and 2017 was 51.2, which is considered modest. The index fell to 49 in August. It indicates a slight decline in jobs. This kind of statistical data is somewhat surprising because there is growth in numerous aspects like output and new orders that Dubai business setup has in different fields. A similar opinion has Khatija Haque who is the Head of Mena Research at Emirates NBD.

On the one hand, UAE PMI interviewed some companies that showed lower employment in August as in comparison to July. The decrease was around 7.5%, while 3.9% of the companies had increased hiring. As one of the main reasons why there was a decrease in employment from specific company formation in Dubai was due to the willingness to improve efficiency. This strategy might also be a good solution for those who start a business in Dubai or anywhere else in the region.

On the other hand, output growth increased and remained in influential positions. Many companies have set goals that require higher outputs of work and ongoing projects. One of the main reasons for that is Expo 2020 that has a significant impact on various spheres and the ability to stand out in very positive regard. This internationally recognized even can boost any company setup in the UAE by finding new partners, getting closer to the existing and new clients, popularizing the product or service, etc. depending on what everyone wants in their professional carrier. In addition to that, another good news is that the export orders rose from April until August. There will be further data collection in September and upcoming months.

What can K&M Consultancy do?

We can also provide analysis for any professional company like offshore company setup and everything related to it. From the beginning of the year, tax consulting services have gained more popularity. Any business startup Dubai might want to get further assistance with marketing, management, documentation, public event planning, etc. to decrease the pressure and achieve better results. It might be hard to train workers or understand which ones are worth hiring or keeping. We can help to give a well-researched answer that will make the best decision in a shorter time. We have experience also in case of free zone company setup for lowering the costs and other benefits. Our expertise and adaptability will help not only open a company in Dubai but also make the best outcome no matter of other statistics or outside influences. It is vital for us that everyone achieves their goal in the best way possible no matter how much is there available or how high are the targets. K&M Consultancy will use everything that is in power to make everyone satisfied.