Some might say that it is safer if you move on the safe road that one tried before. However, K&M Consultancy wants to remind that it is not always like that. Sometimes company setup in the UAE needs an entirely different approach to make a successful outcome in a particular setting.

Amazon issue

New approaches to making a successful business use different giants in numerous fields. One of the examples is Amazon. It helps for others to put their products on their platform but at the same time, they also compete with them. The topic is visible when EU competition commissioner Margarethe Vestager started trying to find answers if Amazon collects data from retailers on their site. Then Amazon might use this data for their benefit to increase sales to different customers. There was also a more extensive investigation that concluded in 2017 that found this issue that needed a follow-up. Amazon creates an anti-trust and that might be a problem. Amazon has a double rule as a platform that retailers can use and also as a merchant with its right and power. This action is anti-competitive conduct, not the best option as it is not professional if someone is taking advantage.

The EU is pushing forward stronger regulations regarding data that will have more control over big companies that like to take advantage. US Federal Trade Commission chairman Joe Simons is leading the possibility to examine online economy including Google, Amazon, Facebook Inc., and others. Some anti-monopoly laws don’t mean that there are no violations. The bigger companies have a negative impact on smaller ones as they crush them.

Fair competition company formation in Dubai with K&M Consultancy

We can help anyone to start new business setup Dubai - UAE. There is no need to dive in violation of specific laws to make a better development opportunity. It means that there needs to be some progressivism and ability to take advantage when there is an opportunity. We provide certain pro services to Dubai so that everyone would have a chance to expand. It is true that previously startups weren’t that popular but nowadays business startup Dubai is blooming. It is essential for us to show the support and guide towards the right solutions to set up a company in UAE Dubai. We also can suggest what to choose as a part of businesses for sale in Dubai to use the possibility to start with some basics and expand your business. Free zone company in the UAE is also a way how to cut down certain costs or have additional advantages that the government and specific location gives to lower the pressure. Also, tax consulting services might be beneficial to understand how to fill certain papers and avoid unnecessary expenses. We encourage anyone to start a business in Dubai or anywhere else in the country. Everything begins with idea, and it doesn’t have to have a basis on old policies or strategies. It is possible to have legal and progressive work to have the best experience.