Consultancy wants to address more attention to the new changes and company formation in Dubai because some people might think that the situation in the UAE changes so rapidly that it is better not to do anything professional there. The reality is that there are way more positive than just looking at an increase in specific sectors.

As the oil reserve is getting lower, there is more pressure and price spike. According to the International Energy Agency, there will still be an increased demand for oil. The US sanctions and decline in Venezuela’s production also gives an aspect that is more negative. The price for oil raised to USD 75.10 (EUR 64.29). The raise was for more than 2.3%. This increase is visible not only when driving with a car, but also in other aspects. Some Dubai business setup might experience more challenges if they have direct or indirect links to the oil sector. There is also not much support from Russia and Saudi Arabia. Meanwhile, US President Donald Trump keeps accusing them of it is only their fault in the situation. There is also no sign than some country would try to produce ore thus make less force upon the demand. According to the IEA, the oil demand in 2018 could grow by 1.4 million bpd. Meanwhile, China and India continue to be the 2nd and 3rd largest oil consumers. They will have more challenges to the fact to find alternative fuel sources because there is also a drop in exports that come from Iran and Venezuela. Exports in Europe overall dropped by 50% in June. Further changes will be more noticeable with US sanctions that come into force in November 2018.

What does all this mean for a company setup in the UAE?

The good news is that the UAE is also thinking innovative when it comes to the use of alternative energy. That means that companies shouldn’t worry too much if they will have enough resources or if prices for fuel won’t skyrocket.

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