K&M Consultancy wants to share one more good news about an increase in visitors. This time it refers to theme parks. That also means that Dubai business setup can use it for their right if they have a connection to these tourism aspects or want to expand involving these two aspects. That means that this strategy can be a part of yet another success story.

According to the DXB Entertainments that is the best Dubai theme park operators, Dubai parks and Resorts gained more than 1.4 million visitors in the first half of 2018. That is a staggering 46% increase in comparison to the same period of 2017. This part of the year, itself is known to be a peak concerning visitors. Theme parks attracted over 300,000 visits. School holiday time also helps to boost the visits. On April 20, DXB Entertainments Entertainment had a record visitor number per day – 36,000. DXB Entertainment theme parks had more than 612,000 visits in the second quarter of this year. Last year for the same period, it was 414,000. That means 48% increase. Mohammad Al Mulla who is the chief executive and managing director of DXB Entertainments also announced that they are happy that they also have a yearly growth in hotel occupancy. They are confident that there will be a significant increase and progress until the end of the year. A part of the theme park complex is also Marriott’s Lpita hotel that had a 55% increase in the first half of the year. However, people who are interested and involved in this sphere, e.g., by investing, that in the third quarter of the year there will be a slight downfall due to fewer visitors. The main reasons for that are cooler months and also lack of vocations or other free days.

For any company formation in Dubai, it is important to understand how everything has invisible ties. In case of DXB Entertainments, their success is also largely thanks to airport development and ability to stay competitive for a long time. This aspect also shows how important and successful even a new business setup Dubai – UAE can be with using all the possibilities that comes with a developed and international place that many people choose to visit, stay or do their activities professionally or non-professionally. Business startup Dubai setting is blooming with he use the benefits of booming business sectors and good connections. K&M Consultancy can further help with tax consulting services and everything else necessary to make a great outcome for any company setup in the UAE within the legal scope. Our team encourages anyone to set up a company in UAE Dubai and make their own success story with a staggering increase in visitors and other aspects. Our pro services Dubai are beneficial for different needs. With wide support to set up a company in UAE Dubai, it is possible to make a great deal of the regions and possible cooperation. Open company in Dubai and see for yourself with great, professional help for different matters.