The current situation in the Arab countries is exceptionally favorable for new business setup Dubai - UAE as the economic growth is somewhat progressive. K&M Consultancy wants to share more information about the good indicators that might be appealing to anyone, also those who want to be stat their business startup Dubai and others.

Numerous reports show some sizeable statistical data that makes everyone (clients, investors, business people, etc.) in the things that the UAE is proud. In 2017, the growth slowed down quite a lot – it was the lowest in the last seven years (1.5%). The good news is that most forecasts say that there will be much higher growth in the upcoming years.


Among one of the research comes from The Institute of Chartered Accountants in England and Wales (ICAEW). They have more detailed information about the whole UAE’s tourism industry that has more than positive aspect for the situation that affects different spheres. Now the case is moving towards acceleration of growth in 2018. In 2019 it supposedly will be around 3.8%. However, it is also worth to note that prices, in general, will also increase by 4% already this year.

Economic drive:

  • Oil price rise
  • Expansionary fiscal stance locally and in Emirates
  • Energetic tourism and trade
  • Investment Boost
  • Expo 2020

OPEC agreement had an outstanding impact on the oil price that allows the oil sector to grow.  At the same time, also the non-oil sector is robust even though it didn’t have such a favorable macroeconomic environment. The way how the UAE balances between the oil and non-oil sector is a good way of diversifying the economy because it is clear that the situation is never radically to one or another side. The same goes for government revenue and tax capacity.


As a part of economic growth, there will also be GDP growth. The prognosis is that GDP will rise by 2.3% this year that is by 0.1% more than in the last year. If OPEC will continue to increase oil production, GDP rise is a natural consequence of it.

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