As one of the liveliest cities in the UAE, Dubai attracts many people for different reasons. K&M Consultancy wants to address Dubai business setup and job offers at the end of 2018 and the beginning of 2019.

The private sector in Dubai

Although new business setup Dubai - UAE is always on the go as there are more new startups and other formations, the private sector at the end of 2018. There was also a low level of inflationary pressure. This information also came from Emirates NBD purchasing managers index (PMI) tracker. The tracker’s score was 53.7 in December, but in November it was 55.3. A higher number indicates better operating conditions in the private sector entities like company setup in the UAE. However, these numbers have been the lowest in the average of four quarters. Among slower developments are sectors like tourism, travel, wholesale, retail, and construction. But does that mean that it not worth to deal with company formation in Dubai in these sectors? Not necessary, because these and other sectors are doing well. It depends on the ability to use different tools. K&M Consultancy has the experience to deal with certain aspects that different businesses can suffer from including but not limited to business startup Dubai. It is never enough to have ideas and a stable environment where to do it. One needs to invest more time and other sources. If there is a lack of experience, time or anything else, professionals with pro services Dubai can make a great addition and push towards results.

Job situation

New jobs are something that more parties have interest. In December last year, there was no significant growth in the number of new jobs that would be available for different people and others who have an interest. The raise was in November, but declines were common not only in December but also September and October. There was also a contraction in December with travel, construction, and tourism sectors.

A new Dubai survey from MENA Research at Emirates NBD surprisingly showed that most people feel slightly positive about the activity in different sectors and the possibility to have better turnaround another indicator. That is valuable for anyone who wants to start a business in Dubai or already have a well-established company. Most of the respondents believe that in the future there will be more positive output and conditions will improve. The opposition to this opinion is only 5.3%. These a bit more than 5% of respondents believe that there will be some deterioration in jobs and other aspects within this year.

Job offers and open company in Dubai situation might not be at the highest peak, but that doesn’t mean that in the next months the overall growth will start falling in certain sectors. There are much more research and other materials to look at to better understand how to use the economic potential, government support, etc. Our K&M Consultancy is ready to set up a company in UAE Dubai whenever it is necessary. We want to see more successful offshore company setup and others so that the statistics would be better and everyone would be satisfied with their decisions and given opportunities.