Our K&M Consultancy team already talked about some of the benefits that anyone can have some good Dubai business setup whenever the time seems right. The simple answer is that the right time is always now. Economy, government support and other aspects are so good that it is not a wonder why the whole UAE is a hub for different business.

Was the UAE so attractive to business?

Not so much. Ironically, a couple of years ago business startup Dubai scene was slightly dry because it just wasn’t that popular. But then everything changed as more people started to open startups (local and foreign). Now the region is a startup hub in the Middle East. It is another win to the region’s status for people who want to do something professional and holiday-like at the same time.

Diverse economy

It is not that only about how much GDP and other indicators are but the fact that government diversifies their investment flows. We can highlight two large investment fields: tourism and favorable corporate tax system. This policy is good for those who want to set up a company in UAE Dubai.

Why Dubai?

Nowadays Dubai has grown to be one of the five fastest-growing metropolitan cities in the world. That also means that it can jump higher. The UAE’s government and institutions contribute to the growth of incubators an accelerators that are important for new business setup Dubai - UAE.  It also is moving forward to boosting the post-oil economy. It shouldn’t be hard to find many success stories like Bridg that is a mobile-to-mobile payment system that uses Bluetooth. Careem is ride-hail start-up based in Dubai. The list can be very long. Already in 2016, there were 16 8000 new businesses. You can always get the latest information from the Dubai Chamber of Commerce. The location is also good because the airport allows keeping in contact and reaching all capitals in a few hours. There is no need to have a vast amount of money or come from a wealthy family to achieve good results

We encourage anyone who wants to expand or have a company setup in the UAE to start and see all the options that can fit everyone and lift them up. A bit of help with offshore bank account setup services our professionals can boost and save some time and other resources. The prognosis shows that to start a business in Dubai can have a high possibility to develop and have good connections (physical and via technology). Our pro services Dubai and others can contribute to different needs and opportunities in the region. We know the newest trends and information from the government to comply with it. Perhaps also tax consulting services should be one of the aspects to take in mind in case you want to expand your business or apply for it as a part of the new law requirements proposed at the beginning of 2018. The UAE is open to international business, tourism, and other fields that it can excel and contribute to its place in the world.