The whole UAE region has a lot of technological advancements and building sphere. K&M Consultancy wants to address this aspect and some other benefits it can bring to company setup in the UAE. The recent news show that there is more cooperation between China and double-sided interest.

Dubai is going to get the biggest Chinatown in the region. Developer Emmar located in the town confirmed this news. He plans to have an extensive building for a retail district of Dubai Creek Harbor. He also wants to open additional hotels and offices in China. Chinatown is this company’s megaproject. Of course, that doesn’t mean that anyone who wants to set up a company in UAE Dubai should start with this kind of projects, but this shows that there are no limits to the possibilities that one can have for their professional achievements. The company also have a set goal to open at least three new offices in China, namely, Beijing, Guangzhou, and Shanghai. These cities also have direct flights from Dubai. This fact is an excellent opportunity to promote tourism, investment, and trading between these two countries (the UAE, China). Recently also Chinese President Xi Jinping visited the UAE. Among his ideas that the president has is also the want to strengthen the hotel situation in China. Any Dubai business setup which is in this field should be able to use this opportunity or at least benefit from more people that equal easier to sell services and products. For a business startup Dubai this factor might be crucial because it would allow making it easier to develop and avoid stagnation or bankruptcy.

An addition to China-UAE cooperation was also UAE-China Week. Vice-President and Prime Minister of the UAE and Ruler of Dubai, His Highness Shaikh Mohammad Bin Rashid Al Maktoum, was the one that announced it. He supports the new Chinese retail plan and also lifestyle in the overall district of Dubai Creek Harbor. Meanwhile, even with Emaar’s expansion to China, there will be stronger and prosperous relations.

What does K&M Consultancy do?

Meanwhile, our pro services Dubai can help with various other aspects to open something in the business and other sectors. We support any new business setup Dubai - UAE. Our experience helps to find the best solutions that otherwise would be very hard. We want to encourage anyone to start a business in Dubai or anywhere in the region as well as use ties with other countries like China. In the end, there will be a win-win situation. We also help to find businesses for sale in Dubai that will be the right one for professional development. We don’t want you to get too scared of the new VAT system that came in force this year. Therefore, tax consulting services are always a good idea. We are sure that company formation in Dubai can make a good impact locally and globally. We can assist to make it happen without great doubts or waiting for something that stops that progress. There is nothing terrible about sharing responsibilities with professionals or just asking advice.