K&M Consultancy wants to share some more examples of business startup Dubai as an example of how it is possible to develop in a certain way and become successful and competitive. We are not saying that to start a business in Dubai is super easy but it can be gratifying in a shorter time.

Ripe - organic food market startup

Mature is an excellent example of how a new business setup Dubai - UAE can develop and overcome any problems that are on the way for becoming strong and independent. The primary motivator was healthy living and eating that formed the basis for their company formation in Dubai. Ripa is also taking part in a competition where the main prize is to win a flight with Emirates Airline worth Dh 100,000 (EUR 237 142). The founder’s name in Becky. She comes from the UK. Her initial response after arriving in Dubai was that the market doesn’t offer a vast variety of organic food. She already had experience at home, so she was sure that also in this market there is going to be a big demand. Becky also has a business management degree that helps her to make more reasonable decisions. In case you don’t have that, K&M Consultancy is always willing to come forward and give the best pro services Dubai to have the best results in organic farming and other spheres. In case of Ripe, Becky’s husband also had experience with agriculture as he was a part of some agricultural project. He got to know some organic certified UAE farms that helped to blossom the idea to find the ability to provide a retail outlet in the UAE that deals with organic food. It becomes a bridge between farmers and customers as everyone was able to achieve their necessities. Ripe also help to educate children and their parents about the importance to eat healthily. Ripe now employs more than 70 people and considers to expand even more.

Startup ideas and K&M Consultancy

Organic farming is just one idea for Dubai business setup and others. There are many other spheres that everyone can explore themselves. K&M Consultancy has extensive experience to provide tax consulting services and others so that it would be easier to realize different ideas and platforms. With the right support and encouragement, the UAE turns out to be a great place to facilitate and show real development. It is possible also to partner with other bigger businesses. Ripe also did that. Their success is not the only one great example of startups in the UAE. Everyone needs to find their spot. It can be a free zone company in the UAE that has lover costs for formation, rent and other aspects. Everything is possible with the right approach and search. To lower the time of searching and decision making, K&M Consultancy is here to help in a certain way as much as necessary. Our team also helps with staff selection, event management, and other things that require skills and planning. We encourage and love to see development.