K&M Consultancy already previously talked that UAE offers various opportunities for everyone who wants to set up a company in UAE Dubai. 2019 comes with more good news such as 50% reduction in the cost for company setup in the UAE. Why such a decision and who came up with it? Keep reading and find out more details about the new change.

Dubai's Department of Economic Development (DED) is the one that came with the proposal that got accepted about a reduction of fees for Dubai business setup and other businesses in 2019. The main reasons for that are that they want to show more support for business initiatives and private sectors.

In 2017 and 2018, the government got Dh 23.4 million (EUR 5.47 million) via fines for new business setup Dubai - UAE and others. They were also part of measures to ensure better economic situation in the country. But at the economy has recovered, there are lower fees also in other sectors such as education, licensing, for free zone company in the UAE and others.

Regarding fines, it is necessary to state that reduction is applicable only to the first violation in a particular calendar year. Commercial infringement is in a unique database. As soon as the discount is appropriate, the person will get a notification via sms. Previously it was a bit more complicated because the customer itself first had to request a settlement. Then the system processed and validated the request. This new approach guarantees a quicker time and less hustle.

K&M consultancy can help with further Dubai company registration - UAE freezones and other formalities to avoid fees or speed up specific documentation. Everyone has rights to have a stable and competitive company formation in Dubai or any other city in the UAE if there is a right approach added to any idea or plan in a long-term or at least for those times that the particular initiative is the least concentrated. Our team offers the best and qualitative help professionally so that everyone could gain something that everyone needs for a company setup in the UAE including help with organizing certain events or dealing with taxes (try tax consulting services to gain a better understanding about the legislation changes there!). We also have an opinion and valuable suggestions for businesses for sale in Dubai to buy something that is going to help to bring profit a fully comply with the initial idea. There is also an aspect of workers and their qualifications that one needs to take into account. All these and other aspects to start a business in Dubai and any other city in the whole UAE. In 2019 and years to follow, the government is going to be more supportive and have more innovative solutions for different aspects in different business stages to attract and help to develop in a certain way that is also beneficial to the economy. K&M Consultancy always stays in touch to bring out the latest news about the trends and different opportunities that might be of use people.