Honey and Bee wedding theme, decor, bridal bouquet, dress

Now themed weddings of different directions are becoming increasingly popular. If you have a wedding celebration to take place in the summer, then a honey wedding will be a great idea. Warm and soft colors, honey-sweet aroma will give a cozy wedding festive atmosphere and add sunshine. Since the theme of honey, apiaries, and striped bees evoke associations with nature, the village, the most successful option would be to hold a wedding in an open area or in a fairly spacious room, since a honey wedding is a bright and bright event.

Black wedding color inspiration

When making a wedding, they usually adhere to a certain theme and use some basic color. Recently, black has been enjoying some popularity, despite the fact that it is associated with mourning and has not been used often before. But, at the same time, black is elegant and mysterious, it has hidden sexuality and extravagance, even sophistication. At the same time, such a wedding will be different from traditional events. If you adhere to the color rules of the wedding, then the bride can choose a black dress, long, sitting in silhouette.

Distinguishing features of a watermelon wedding What is the difference between a watermelon wedding and other themed wedding celebrations? Wedding invitation cards are the hallmark of any wedding. For a watermelon wedding, invitation cards should be made in watermelon colors: pink, green, pink - coral. You can draw dark watermelon seeds inside a postcard and write wishes to guests regarding the dress code. The bride's outfit and the groom's outfit.

Wedding in the Venetian style

Venice is the most romantic city, unique in its architecture and location, with unique flora and fauna of the Venetian lagoon and famous for the famous carnival. To visit the Venice Carnival is a dream of many. And to hold your wedding - this main celebration of two hearts - at the Venice Carnival is an unspeakable pleasure and luck! 

Tulip wedding inspiration

Tulip Wedding: tips and ideas for organizing and decorating a wedding in the spring.

 Nature itself took care of the decor of the spring wedding: spring flowers and natural shades are so diverse and beautiful that nothing needs to be specially invented. Natural shades are great: both bedding, and bright, and colorful. Flowers at this time of year are tulips, as well as daffodils, hyacinths, lilacs, daffodils, and lilies of the valley.

 If you choose them as the main motive of your wedding tulips, you will not have to puzzle over the questions of where 

Eco style wedding

In our time of progressive technologies, we are increasingly thinking about the naturalness of everything that surrounds us. Such concepts as “organic”, “eco”, “naturalness” and much more are coming into fashion with incredible speed. 

A wedding in this style cannot be organized by people who do not adhere to the principles of environmentally friendly life in everyday life. The main condition in such a way of life is to exist in harmony with nature and not harm it.

Best places to visit in Dubai - top tourist attractions and things to do in Dubai

When finding yourself in the city, a visitor simply gets lost among dozens of sightseeing. They are scattered literally at every step. So, let’s make a list of sightseeing to see upon visiting Dubai.

  1. Burj Khalifa

A famous Dubai “rocket”, soaring into the sky, has not yet surpassed in the title of the “tallest building in the world”, although the construction of the skyscraper ended in 2010. There is an observation deck at the top that allows observing Dubai, the Arabian Gulf, and the desert from the bird’s eye.

How to Celebrate your Wedding Anniversary in Dubai?

Dubai is the place where every visitor will find an entertainment option to his/her taste. This is the city where a great variety of options on how to spend a holiday unforgettably meet. Its favorable geographic position contributes to this fact.

If you want to celebrate your wedding anniversary with pleasure, joy, and adventure, Dubai is the right destination for you. Below, let’s see what divertissements the city offers to its visitors.

How to plan beach wedding in Dubai UAE

Close your eyes and picture yourself on your wedding day. Imagine your wedding day, if you see a sunny picture, sea breath, and white sand, Dubai should come next in your imagination, which is one of the most sought event hubs in recent years all over the world. Enjoy the excitement of hosting your marriage proposal, blessing ceremony, wedding reception in one of the five-star beachfront hotels in UAE.

Wedding ceremony, beach decor, arch, bride, groom Dubai UAE

Destination weddings require more coordination than weddings in your home country. So it is better to hire a professional wedding planner, as they will pay close attention to each detail during the planning, ceremony, and reception of your Big Day. We are really obsessed with all the smallest details to let you have the best possible and most enjoyable experience of your life. Hiring a wedding planner will help you execute all your dreams and desires making your event much less stressful.