Reasons to Have your Destination Wedding in Dubai

People are fond of traveling. What can be better than to unite traveling with a wedding – the most memorable event. Thus, destination weddings have gained popularity. Couples want to arrange original celebrations. Let’s see the reasons to choose Dubai as your wedding destination.

The ultimate wedding planning in Dubai UAE

Long gone are the days when weddings were arranged by one family without the involvement of wedding contractors. Everyone wants to enjoy the wedding day without hustles, stress and controlling everything around. You can save your psychological state and mood by entrusting all the pre-wedding hustles to a wedding coordinator.

How to prepare your dream wedding?

Beach Wedding in Dubai UAE

Dubai is washed by the ocean. Generally, the city is built on the tip of the shore. So, holding a beach wedding in Dubai is one of the most popular options. Imagine how the rays of a setting sun illuminate your faces and glare on the water surface. A beautiful floral arch will look gorgeous against the background of the ocean. Just think about wedding photos; they will be awesome.

What outfit to pick?

Bridal Shower in Dubai UAE

Are you searching for creative ways to spend your bridal shower? Take your friends and start the best hen party ever! Dubai is the perfect place for it. Being a tourist city, Dubai has a great variety of options to spend the bridal shower with joy and pleasure.

Go to a spa

Symbolic wedding in Dubai UAE

A symbolic wedding ceremony in Dubai provides an opportunity to refresh long-term relationships and bring new shades and thrill to family life. Such an event can be timed to coincide with the anniversary of family life and become an unexpected, pleasant surprise for a loved one. Dubai is an amazing and romantic place that organically combines the features of Arabian cultures.

Wedding cake alternatives desserts Dubai UAE

A dessert is a dish that can easily replace a traditional wedding cake at celebrations. Modern cookers offer dozens of creative options on how to impress guests with the main dish of the event. In our review, we have collected the most delicious ideas for making your wedding dessert tasty, unusual, and amazing.
1. A minimalistic and original puffed rice cake.

2. A charming cute cake that consists of many tall caramels of pastel colors.

3. A unique three-tiered ice cream cone cake.

How To Plan A Budget Destination Wedding Dubai UAE

If you want to hold a wedding ceremony in Dubai, this event is expensive a priory. Still, you can arrange the cheapest possible celebration among all luxurious options. Let’s see how to do it.

  1. Pick an unpopular season for the celebration

Note that there are a tourist season and the off-season. When there are few tourists, prices will be lower. So, stick to holding the event in the off-season.

       2. Hold the celebration on a weekday

Outdoor Wedding In Dubai UAE

Dubai is the place where dozens of original ideas can become real. This is the place where newlyweds can hold the most unusual celebration and remember the even for the rest of their lives. So, do not be commonplace and avoid having a classic dinner in a restaurant. When being in Dubai, give preference to an outdoor wedding celebration.

Marriage Proposal Ideas Dubai UAE

A marriage proposal is an unforgettable event for every girl. Women remember this day for the rest of their lives. So, a boyfriend should please his beloved and try to make the event enjoyable and original. Making a proposal in Dubai is the perfect option. The city offers a lot of opportunities for developing creative ideas so that your sweetheart remembers the event for years.

Atlantis The Palm Beach Front Wedding Venues In Dubai

There are a lot of options to choose from for a memorable Beach Front Wedding in the UAE. Search for the ideal venue for your Wedding Reception on the Beach. A memorable wedding starts with a suitable venue. Whether it’s a barefoot beachfront ceremony under the sun or an unforgettable ceremony in an opulent ballroom, Atlantis, The Palm in Dubai is one of the best options in Dubai.