The US and China relationships in recent times seem to be stagnating. With Trump’s new interest rates, it makes additional pressure on China. As a response, also China has implemented other charges for goods from the US. There have been some discussions, but the situation is stagnating without any apparent solution in sight. With the crippling economy, this situation is especially harmful to growth. Nevertheless, China’s central bank governor Yi Gang is slightly confident that China will be able to achieve the growth aim for 2018.

K&M Consultancy encourages to use the change of company setup in the UAE and good ties with other countries for successful trading. Among those are also China and the US. That means that there is a more significant chance that China will like to engage in different ties that will also bring some benefit to them. Our team can help with additional pro services Dubai to choose the best path.

Expo 2020 is not that far away. And many people who set up a company in UAE Dubai look forward to it. K&M Consultancy also adds attention to this even and new things that are happening around it. Recently it is Italy that stands out with certain aspects that have to do with participating in this big exhibition. They are moving forward with building a big pavilion and investing to make a good impression after when in 2015 Expo happened there. They have several cooperation ties with the UAE, so it is undeniable that they want to show themselves. Among the primary income sources are trading and people seem to be generally interested in food that is specific in Italy and different from the one in the UAE. K&M Consultancy wants to remind also about other possibilities for any company formation in Dubai and other places. It is possible to use the event for the professional aspect to have new cooperation, make one's services and products more recognizable, attract investors, etc. Even if one doesn’t have a pavilion there, it is still worth to come starting from business startup Dubai. K&M Consultancy can further assist with different ideas and needs. Any new business setup Dubai - UAE has a lot of possibilities to engage and expand locally and internationally.

GITEX Technology Week is one of the main events in October that K&M Consultancy will follow. There will be a lot of useful discussions and other activities for any company setup in the UAE who wants to be modern. It is not possible to know everything about Smart Manufacturing, virtual reality, augmented reality, and others. They can help immensely to any company to boost the production, marketing, etc. It’s all about the trust and helps to expand Dubai business setup and others. After the economic crisis and stabilization of oil prices, the UAE is on a stable path that will dominate the market in various aspects. There is no doubt that technology is an important part even for a small business startup Dubai. It makes much less challenging to develop and keep one’s position.

Economic growth and new business setup Dubai - UAE is getting better after some years of slowing down. The latest research show that the prognosis is excellent not only for this year but also for the years to come. Growth might be even 3.8% in 2019 that is a significant number because in the previous year the increase was 1.5% that is the lowest level in recent years. Also, GDP will rise even more.  The acceleration of oil prices and diversification of other resources is one of the main contributors. It looks that the UAE will be ready to have a strong stance and company setup in the UAE. K&M Consultancy can contribute with specific knowledge and pro services Dubai to make the most of every situation.

Company formation in Dubai is somewhat natural and not smooth. It depends on which side you look. It is important to acknowledge that investors play an important role to bring out the best of a product or service no matter what. K&M Consultancy wants to remind that it is crucial to forming a long-term relationship with any investor because it is worth the time and devotion. One might need certain tricks, but in the UAE many investors are interested in different industries and professional establishments like business startup Dubai. The overall stable position should help to achieve good results. Besides, K&M Consultancy can help with certain aspects to better understand where to start and how to find the necessary investment at the right time.

Development in the UAE is strong. Therefore, K&M Consultancy offers to help with different strategies to have the best impact to a new business setup Dubai - UAE. Almost 41% of the population is millennials. It also has a specific effect on customers-providers relations. They want to have sustainability, safety as well as technological development. A lot of people care about nature so being stuck in a modern building all the time won’t do that much good. It is possible to use a lot of space and have a responsibility towards it to make some reasonable basis for a business idea.
Furthermore, technology is also an inevitable part of company setup in the UAE. It offers a lot of tools for analysis to better understand certain people and their needs. No solution fits everyone, so it is essential to use the right kind of technology and information to make the most of it.

Some company giants are using policies that violate anti-monopoly and other laws. This topic is more actual in the recent times than previously because there is more investigation on this matter. Now there is enough evidence to say that Amazon has a two-faced strategy as a platform that is friendly to sellers to put their products for sale but also a merchant that is a part of a competitor to them. They might use sensitive information that involves data about the target audience, products that people are the most interested in and other aspects that can help to boost their sales. K&M Consultancy can help anyone, even business startup Dubai to avoid pressure or illegal policies that they need to fight against to succeed. Luckily, the EU is pushing forward stricter rules to control competition and ways how everyone is dealing with certain aspects of a business.

The US with Trump in front came forward with new requests for China that is not a good sign for them. America wants them to get away from their technology and other valuable assets. As a response, also China set some sanctions that are not good for America. Argentina already stated their dissatisfaction, but Germany wants to revolutionize the whole WTO system. Similarly thinks China which insists on fairer trade and other options with it. The UAE is less affected by these international events so new business setup Dubai – UAE is not in danger. With additional help from our K&M Consultancy, it is possible to have stunning results whenever there is a need.

Statistical data show that the UAE is on the top positions for not only tourism but also different company setup in the UAE. K&M Consultancy encourages getting to know more for those who want to develop professional contacts and realize their potential faster, more efficient, and more support for a long-term benefit for the country and people. The government itself is somewhat liberal and encourages foreign business so contribute to the budget and other aspects that stabilizes the economy and makes the region interesting for professional companies.

Obaid Al Tayer from the financial sector in the government admitted that they are not planning to increase the value-added tax at least for the next couple of years. There has been some research about corporate tax and what kind of effect it might bring. But these are only early stages and doesn’t mean anything much in the next years. That means that also for business startup Dubai it is possible to have an income and deal with all the payments. At the same time, the country still has the necessary income and strong economy as it was already before the implementation of the VAT. K&M Consultancy makes it possible for anyone to achieve better results with tax consulting services and others.