As there is missing transparency that comes along with fake accounts, followers and other tricks that some use, K&M Consultancy wants to address was how to make Dubai business setup a reality. The new laws state that influencers need to obtain different licenses that will regulate their operation and also help others to see their legal status. The National Media Council is the one that will do various changes and controls in this regard because they are the ones that require an influencer agency to register to gain their validity. Further assistance from K&M Consultancy can benefit in numerous other ways that can save the time and price. Bank account setup services are just one way that can have the arrangement that will bring the best assistance.

With all the advancement in the UAE, it might be overwhelming for any company setup in the UAE to find its place or think about the financial aspect. K&M Consultancy can help to deal with pro services in Dubai and other activities to make progress possible. Everyone needs to think and act to achieve goals that are very important for anyone who considers opening a company in Dubai or any other place in the country. Everyone can use many possibilities when they know how to interact with the lawmakers, clients, and others. Otherwise, there is always a way how to find the right support when there is a lack of time or simple understanding of the local market.

Developer Emmar with his company is showing a great example that K&M Consultancy wants to share. His company is a part of Dubai business setup with unobstructed views. They want to expand their work to China by opening more hotels and offices in the biggest cities there. The Chinese president also supports this decision because he has expressed the desire to strengthen the hotel industry in his country. There are also other kind cooperation aims between the UAE and China. Meanwhile, Emmar is also expanding his company formation in Dubai also in Dubai Creek Harbor. He wants to make there Chinatown. In the future, there might be more projects that also K&M Consultancy can help with pro services in Dubai and others.

K&M Consultancy wants to share that DXB Entertainments, which is a branch of theme parks, is experiencing almost a 50% increase in visitors in the first months of the year. The primary explanation for that is not far to find – vacation time and good weather. There is most likely to be a decrease in the number of visitors towards the end of the year, but overall different theme parks experience rapid growth. It is also thanks to the airport and overall increase in people in the whole region. Any new business setup Dubai - UAE can use the advantages of the increased people and everything else that plays for business development.

K&M Consultancy wants to address the fact that the whole world can notice price spike regarding oil. It affects numerous sectors. However, that doesn’t mean that due to that it is all bad for those who want to set up a company in the UAE Dubai. An increase of oil is visible in Europe and other places. Meanwhile, the US keeps criticizing Russia and Saudi Arabia for not doing much to make the situation better. If someone started exporting oil more, there wouldn’t be such a significant strain on the oil price. As a contrast, it is worth noting that the UAE region still has many advantages that are especially visible when talking about new business setup Dubai - UAE.

K&M Consultancy wants to draw attention to the fact that since June 2018, USD currency experienced weakening. There are many reasons for that including lousy employment rate and the low hourly wages across various states. That also lead to an increase in gold and other metal prices in the UAE. The gold prices rise to Dh 154 (EUR 35) per gram. That is by EUR 0.35 more than the average rate. However, some experts say that the price will fall quite soon. Our team can help to overcome similar challenges that might influence the overall ability to start a new business setup Dubai - UAE.

In 2018, there is a noticeable rise in deposit and credit rate. The main reasons for that were private corporations and government growth. A similar influence was also from the oil prices that contributed to the increase in prices in the banking and other sectors. That also means that for some company setup in the UAE it might be harder to gain financial help. The good news is that K&M Consultancy offers a wide range of assistance to contribute to any issues. Very popular also tax consulting services because it is another aspect that had changes in the year. Further developments will show what else will change, but it is clear that the UAE still has many functional advantages that are good for any new business setup Dubai - UAE.

The Advertising Business Group (ABG) addresses more control over fake advertising techniques that involves bots, fake followers, and others. That might also affect company setup in the UAE in different fields. It is clear that advertising is crucial in tourism, fashion, real estate, and other professional activities. However, it is also essential to gain trust. That is an impossible achievement if the actions are not trustworthy. There are regulations to follow, and with the increase of manipulations, there is also a more significant control that can have a way more negative impact than just asking for advice from K&M Consultancy.

Modern times comes with the rapid use of robotics. Also for new business setup Dubai - UAE it is more popular and useful. There is a different kind of robotic solutions for customer service, commercial, industrial or another type of service. This possibility can be an excellent solution to do faster work and more comfortable for workers themselves because there is so much in any company formation in Dubai and other locations to be more successful. K&M Consultancy can help with further aspects regarding marketing, organization, and others to make the best impact in this modern age.

IT development is inevitable. It helps to boost the speed and ever-growing demand. They work closely with artificial intelligence, the Internet of Things (IoT) and other modern developments to be at the top of possibilities and needs. There is also a shift closer to the business to understand better what they need and make the best solutions. Therefore, too many top companies themselves have separate IT departments that deal with various technical aspects. Meanwhile, K&M Consultancy can help with various other elements of a new business setup Dubai - UAE, because there are also numerous other aspects like marketing, advertisement, localization, accounting, etc.