In our time of creative ideas, everyone is trying to stand out and be remembered. And what else can you use your extraordinary mind on like at none of the most important events in life - a wedding. Young people use different styles and colors to decorate their celebrations. One such creative trend is a black and white wedding.

It is believed that black is not quite suitable for an event such as a wedding, but if we look at the classic outfit of the groom, we will just see this seemingly uncommon, but at the same time very stylish combination.

So why not try to decorate the whole event in such a classic color scheme? After all, white is the color of tenderness, purity, and sincerity, and black is seriousness and a little mystery. In combination with each other, they form a contrasting and stylish duet. So, creating a black and white wedding, for this we need to take into account a few details.

 The wedding starts with an invitation. There is a place where fantasies can roam. You can arrange them in the old style with handwritten text, you can make them in the form of black and white photographs, order a laser engraving of black or white lace on a postcard. It is advisable to arrange the landing cards in the same style (if you make them).

Such invitations can be made by yourself or ordered in a printing house, it all depends on your budget and the concept of the celebration.

There should be no problems with white flowers since there are a lot of them in the lower segment of the market. These can be classic roses, delicate lilies, or even extravagant orchids. But what to do with the black component of the bouquet? There are several options, you can simply not use black and leave the bouquet snow-white, you can add artificial flowers in black, or you can simply decorate the leg of the bouquet with a black ribbon or black tulle.

The boutonniere for the groom must be selected depending on his suit, if it is a black jacket, then you can leave one white flower, if the suit is white, then it is better to tie the flower with the same black ribbon.

The image of the bride and groom Options for suits With the groom in this situation, everything is clear, this is either a classic three-piece suit or a white suit, depending on the bride's outfit. The girl's choice, as always, remains huge.

It can be an elegant white dress with a black belt, or it can be a completely black dress (this is more likely for original brides who are not afraid to look mournful at their holiday). Also, the dress can be two-tone and combine elements of both black and white colors.

Classic white dresses with a black print in the form of lace or a floral pattern along the bottom of the skirt look beautiful. Also, the bride can use two dresses at her holiday, you can go to the official ceremony in a romantic white dress, and prepare an elegant black dress for the evening.

Dress code for a wedding in black and white. Girlfriends in black, the bride in white is a great option. Guests should be warned in advance about the presence of a certain dress code, this can be done already in the invitation itself, add a note below about which outfits are preferable. This will make it easier for people, and your holiday will correspond to the conceived concept. Fortunately, the choice of outfits in black and white is great and hardly anyone will have problems in choosing it.

White cars decorated with black ribbons and flowers will look stylish and expensive. You can also apply the original method for the selection of the card. For example, take half of the black cars, and half of the white ones, preferably of the same brand, such a checkerboard pattern will look unusual and stylish. You can also use the main car in white, and make the rest black and contrast them all in the same style. Cake and sweet table

 Any pastry chef can make a white cake because it is not at all difficult. Also, the cake can be made of white mastic and decorated with black mastic bows. You can just make a completely white delicacy, and put a black and white figurine in the form of a newlywed on top. Now the trend is to decorate cakes with flowers so that there are no problems with finding a flower arrangement in black, you can play in contrast, on the contrary, make a black cake and decorate it with white flowers.

It is also worth decorating the sweet table to match the tone and style of the selected cake; it can contain a variety of cupcakes, gingerbread cookies, and cakes covered with black or white mastic.

The hall for such an event can be decorated with black and white balloons, paper compositions, lamps, and ribbons. Black and white photographs will also look very stylish on the walls, these can be frames from old films or photographs of young ones. The main thing is to choose a hall that will not by itself interrupt the color of the wedding.

It can be a pure white room, which will then be filled with a contrasting component. White tablecloths with black embroidery will look expensive and sophisticated.

You can choose one-color dishes, for example, white, but be sure to dilute them with black vases, salt shakers, and other paraphernalia. It is unlikely that in any room you will be provided with white or black chairs, but there is an excellent way out of this situation - to rent or specially sew covers made of white fabric on them and decorate them with huge black bows. In addition to color, any celebration should have a semantic component, which must be emphasized with this very color.

A black and white wedding can be organized like an old movie, like a chess game, you can have a retro-style wedding or a gangster wedding. In general, summarizing all of the above, we can conclude that if you decided to make a wedding in black and white, then you definitely did not lose, such an event, in any case, will look stylish and rich. The main thing is to know when to stop and not to oversaturate it with black, so as not to make such a bright holiday gloomy and gloomy.

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