Dubai is a tourist city. Thus, there are many entertainment options for spending leisure time. So, if you want to celebrate your birthday in Dubai, be sure that you’ll remember the event for many years. You can pick one of the following options:

A yacht party

Rent a yacht and have a noisy celebration onboard the yacht. Set a rich table, switch on lively music, gather all your friends, and spend the time while having a voyage. The idea has the following advantages: you won’t disturb anyone; be sure that you can be as noisy as you want to be, and no one will complain about your behavior. Listen to loud music, dance, eat surrounded by water. The whole night is yours.

A desert birthday

This option opens many opportunities. When being surrounded by endless sand, you can do whatever you want and create original entertainment ideas. Book a café, gather friends, and hire a toastmaster who will develop an entertainment program. The desert allows trying such active options as an air balloon ride, a camel ride, wireworks, safari. One of these activities will catch your guests and cheer them up.

A beach party

No need to go far away. Just come closer to the ocean, book some tables in a beach restaurant, and enjoy the holiday. You’ll enjoy breathtaking views and have fun.

A restaurant on the observation deck

For more formal dinners, you can pick a restaurant at the top of Burj Khalifa. This is the place where you and your guests can enjoy classical live music, try delicious delicacies, and admire picturesque views of the city when standing on the beck.

Stroll along with the Miracle Garten

Do not skip an opportunity to visit the park. Invite your friends for a walk to gain an appetite. When strolling along alleys fully decorate with flowers and greenery, you’ll be impressed. This is one of the main sightseeing of Dubai. Take photos there, chat, walk among floral sculptures, and go to a café.

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