Dubai is washed by the ocean. Generally, the city is built on the tip of the shore. So, holding a beach wedding in Dubai is one of the most popular options. Imagine how the rays of a setting sun illuminate your faces and glare on the water surface. A beautiful floral arch will look gorgeous against the background of the ocean. Just think about wedding photos; they will be awesome.

What outfit to pick?

Newlyweds will look gorgeous in either classic suits or original outfits. It is possible to customize outfits according to the style of the wedding. If the theme of your celebration is classic, then prefer a wedding dress and a black suit. If you want to have a “Hawaiian” style party on the beach, then put on an airy summer dress, but flowers in your fair. A groom can put on colorful shorts and a T-shirt.

How to decorate?

Nature and breathtaking surrounding views serve as the best decoration in this case. You should only order a ceremony arch. It can be decorated with flowers, greenery, fabrics, drapery. The main thing is to create a single composition with all other attributes of the event. Thus, make sure that chairs for guests are decorated in the same style as the arch.

What kind of banquet to prefer?

You can pick any option. In most cases, the choice depends on the budget and the concert of the celebration. So, it can be either a buffet party on a terrace or a real banquet in a beach restaurant. The first option is less formal, while the second one requires a particular dress code.

Whom to invite?

This issue requires particular attention as the cost of the event directly depends on it. Do not try to invite all your relatives and friends. Pick the most important people.

Be sure that a beach wedding will be successful regardless of the chosen style. A skilled decorator will help you develop the best idea. Invite a photographer and videographer to keep the memories about the event for ages. It is guaranteed that photos will impress everyone.

Nikki Beach Resort & Spa is superb for a lovely beach wedding with amazing service which is located on the beachfront one of the well-known wedding venues in Dubai. It has everything you might dream of. There is a beach lounge to enjoy the cuisine with the instagrammable beach views for a great photography session.

Nikki Beach Resort & Spa is suitable for a honeymoon too as it boasts 15 villas to choose from. Another romantic dream destination hotel is Burj Al Arab Jumeirah, the wonderful 7-star venue, one of the best in the world to start your new married life, to let your hidden wish come true under the moonlight with an exceptional sea view and private infinity pool.

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