Dubai is washed by the Arabian Gulf of the Indian ocean. Generally, the city is built on the tip of the shore. So, holding a beach wedding in Dubai is one of the most popular options. Imagine how the rays of a setting sun illuminate your faces and glare on the water surface. A beautiful floral arch will look gorgeous against the background of the ocean. Just think about photos; they will be awesome.

What outfit to pick?

Newlyweds will look gorgeous in either classic suits or original outfits. It is possible to customize outfits according to the style of the day. If the theme of your celebration is classic, then prefer a bridal dress and a black suit. If you want to have a “Hawaiian” style party on the beach, then put on an airy summer dress, but flowers in your fair. A groom can put on colorful shorts and a T-shirt.

How to decorate?

Nature and breathtaking surrounding views serve as the best decoration in this case. You should only order a ceremony arch. It can be decorated with flowers, greenery, fabrics, drapery. The main thing is to create a single composition with all other attributes of the event. Thus, make sure that chairs for guests are decorated in the same style as the arch.

What kind of banquet to prefer?

You can pick any option. In most cases, the choice depends on the budget and the concert of the celebration. So, it can be either a buffet party on a terrace or a real banquet in a beach restaurant. The first option is less formal, while the second one requires a particular dress code.

Whom to invite?

This issue requires particular attention as the cost of the event directly depends on it. Do not try to invite all your relatives and friends. Pick the most important people.

Be sure that a beach wedding will be successful regardless of the chosen style. A skilled decorator will help you develop the best idea. Invite a photographer and videographer to keep the memories about the event for ages. It is guaranteed that photos will impress everyone.

Nikki Beach Resort & Spa is superb for a lovely beach wedding with amazing service which is located on the beachfront one of the well-known outdoor venues in Dubai. It has everything you might dream of. There is a beach lounge to enjoy the cuisine with the instagrammable beach views for a great photography session.

Nikki Beach Resort & Spa is suitable for a honeymoon too as it boasts 15 villas to choose from. Another romantic dream destination hotel is Burj Al Arab Jumeirah, the wonderful 7-star venue, one of the best in the world to start your new married life, to let your hidden wish come true under the moonlight with an exceptional sea view and private infinity pool.

The Ritz-Carlton hotel offers many options to celebrate your important day In a style like Blessing, luxury, garden, Arabic traditional style with set or buffet menu options to exceed your expectations in all possible ways and to suit your requirements. And we will create the scenario, coordinate your ceremony according to the timeline, arrange the music, transport, invitations, photographer, and whatever it's required for the best ever event.

Host a symbolic marriage ceremony in Dubai at the Jumeirah Beach Hotel 5 *! You will combine a marriage ceremony with a honeymoon at Jumeirah Beach Hotel 5 *! With stunning beachfront venues set against the backdrop of Burj Al Arab Jumeirah and experienced organizers with the smallest detail to ensure your party will exceed your expectations. Jumeirah Beach Hotel"s beautiful gardens, terraces, and beaches.

The unique wedding packages at Four Seasons Resort at Jumeirah beach are designed to make your Big Day memorable. The venue, decorations, cake, transport, flowers, photographer, videographer, and all the other details will be taken care of by your personal wedding coordinator who will make sure everything runs smoothly according to the timetable.

An increasing number of people are moving away from the traditional celebration according to the pattern that has developed over the years and prefers something extraordinary. There are a lot of options to host the event. One of them is a beach wedding. A beach marriage ceremony can be organized in several variations, and each of them will be beautiful and unusual in its own way. Imagine: smooth sand, salty sea, the sun is smiling, it seems that the very atmosphere of the air is saturated with happiness and tranquility.

Hairstyle of the Bride Most often, loose hair is best suited. The hairstyle for such an event should be as simple and natural as possible. Complex hairstyles on the beach will look out of place and ridiculous. Best of all, loose hair that will develop beautifully in the wind The veil looks beautiful in photographs when it develops parallel to the sea and merges with the sky, but it is better to remove it after the photoshoot, as you will have to constantly correct it due to the wind.

Makeup for the Bride The beach format of the event implies naturalness. Of course, no one encourages the bride to go to her wedding completely without makeup, but it must be borne in mind that the sun, humidity, and wind require a very persistent foundation and waterproof mascara. It is better to immediately discuss all the nuances with the makeup artist so that there are no unpleasant surprises at the ceremony.

The bride's dress for a beach-style wedding It is better to leave the color white, because it will very harmoniously fit into the seascape, and it will look very romantic, match the whole atmosphere. It is better to choose a light, flowing fabric, it will be in harmony with waves and wind.
Bridal bouquet. The bouquet should be delicate and light. No clutter or standard colors. It is better to choose light, airy flowers so that they are in harmony with the atmosphere of the ceremony and the image of the bride in general.

The look of the groom in a beach-style wedding: A young man can dress almost anything his heart desires. Of course, white light trousers are ideal for a beach wedding, but they can also be shorts, jeans or breeches, it all depends on the format of the ceremony itself and on the general concept of the wedding. It is better to take a white shirt, it, like the bride's dress, will be in harmony with the surrounding atmosphere. Instead of a shirt, you can also have a T-shirt or a polo shirt. A classic suit also looks great 

If you see your celebration with a flower arch on the seashore, then you also have to immediately think about things like chairs for guests, if you assume that they will not just stand while the main action is going on. Also, think over the type of flower arch. The path can be strewn with rose petals, which will give it a special romance.
It will be possible to organize a buffet table after the end of a symbolic ceremony or a romantic dinner for two or there is a great option after the ceremony to go to a restaurant to celebrate or rent a yacht in advance, which will come to the shore after the end of the official part and take you and all guests on a journey across the gulf.
Beach-style weddings require special preparation to avoid almost all problems, and then your Big Day will remain in your memory and the memory of your guests for a long time.

The cost of a wedding in Dubai and the venue

A wedding in the United Arab Emirates for foreign citizens takes place in a different way. At the choice of the newlyweds and according to their budget, you can choose an indoor or outdoor venue: a hotel, exotic in the desert, a beach, onboard a yacht. A wedding in the Emirates will cost as much as you can allocate money for it, having agreed in advance on the list of services, the availability of guests, the place of the blessing symbolic ceremony, decor, flowers, balloons, candles, the menu, live entertainment, musicians, dancers, fireworks, etc.

On average, newlyweds spend from USD 3000 per event for a private event for two. If we are talking about a wedding on the beach, in the desert, with a view of skyscrapers, or on a snow-white yacht, then the price tag grows, starting from the USD 3500. It all depends on the set of services chosen by the newlyweds. But in this case, of course, it"s worth it. Organizing a wedding in Dubai on the beach is a dream: sunset, the rustle of waves, a floral arch, light music. The place for such a celebration can be the coast of the Arabian Gulf.

A destination wedding on the coast of the UAE is an oriental fairy tale for two. What could be more luxurious than a marriage ceremony by the sea, under a bright blue sky, on a pristine beach under palm trees? The UAE is one of the best countries for it. In this amazing place, modern skyscrapers, futuristic buildings, traditional Arab streets, and the stunning beauty of nature.

Every couple in love dreams of going on a romantic trip. And if you hold a blessing ceremony during your vacation, then it will become a memorable moment in your life. All you need to do is tell us about your wishes. And the wedding planner will offer the best options, taking into account all the details.

Many hotels on the coast of this country are organizing the ceremony. The venue of the celebration also depends on the choice of the hotel. It can take place on the beach, in a tent, or in the garden surrounded by exotic flowers

A reception in such luxury hotels as Dukes The Palm, One & Only Royal Mirage, Jumeirah Zabeel Saray. Jumeirah Beach hotel is the best solution for those couples who want to combine a beautiful symbolic ceremony and a romantic dinner. The combination of the coast with a beautiful view of the gulf and the territory of the hotel makes it possible to realize all your dreams of a perfect day.

Basically, the wedding program looks like this. The groom is waiting for his future wife at the hotel, she goes out in her wedding attire, he picks her up and brings her to the limo. Both get into the car, they are taken to their chosen place of the marriage ceremony in Dubai. In the sunset, under the floral arch, they exchange rings and become one.

If the newlyweds' dream of a quiet, peaceful ceremony, the Palm Jumeirah is best suited. There are snow-white beaches and skyscrapers landscapes. This day will be an unforgettable celebration for you and your guests. A romantic party at the sea will allow you to experience the happiest moments, remembering which your soul will be filled with awe and tenderness.

The blessing ceremony can take place with relatives and friends or only with the participation of the bride and groom. A flower arch will be installed at the beach, and a table for a romantic candlelit dinner will be located nearby. At the request of the newlyweds, the celebration will be accompanied by live music. Also, during and after the symbolic ceremony, you can arrange an Instagram-worthy photoshoot to have beautiful photos and videos of your Big Day.

One thing is for sure that no matter where the wedding is arranged in the UAE, the newlyweds are guaranteed to get a lot of unforgettable impressions.

The amazing and attractive atmosphere in Dubai attracts millions of tourists from all over the world every year. It is here that the original Oriental culture closely intersects with innovative Western technologies, modern skyscrapers rise with dignity above noisy bazaars, bright gardens, and ancient forts. Every visitor will easily find pleasure for himself here. You can visit large shopping malls and the world-famous Gold Market, which is full of and tempts with a variety of gold jewelry and precious stones. You should definitely visit the mosque of the Jumeirah district, admire the Sheikh Said Palace and ride a dhow along the canal that divides the city into several parts. Tourists will also be pleased with the nightlife, filled with sparkling clubs, discos, and bars. Recently, many newlyweds have chosen Dubai as a place where they can hold a great party.

Gentle sand, hot wind, and endless waves will make it unique and distinctive.  Musicians will play their favorite tunes, the path to the altar will be strewn with rose petals, and the light tent will be artfully decorated with flowers. It is in such an environment that you want to give your consent and tie the knot with two. Your Big Day on the seashore is guaranteed to be beautiful and spectacular.

For your upcoming wedding in the UAE, you’re going to need to find the right marriage celebrant who is all about giving each couple the perfect ceremony you always dreamed of. The professional wedding celebrant in Dubai is here to give couples the unique experience they deserve and to enjoy the Big Day.

Beach weddings are alluring in a romantic oceanfront setting while waves and wind are showing the excitement over your everlasting union.

They are not like a typical traditional wedding, which is often hosted within an indoor setting. A beach wedding is a perfect outdoor wedding type which is definitely appealing. Intimate wedding symbolic ceremonies are pretty popular with young couples and mature ones. Usually, they are pretty simple, but if you require they can be very extravagant.

There are a few things you’ll need to consider before walking down the aisle at your amazing beach wedding. If you’re coming for a destination wedding in Dubai, you can contact our wedding planning team ahead of time. We will let you all you need to know about how to get married on the beach in the United Arab Emirates.

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