There are a lot of options to choose from for a memorable Beach Front Wedding in the UAE. Search for the ideal venue for your Wedding Reception on the Beach. A memorable wedding starts with a suitable venue. Whether it’s a barefoot beachfront ceremony under the sun or an unforgettable ceremony in an opulent ballroom, Atlantis, The Palm in Dubai is one of the best options in Dubai.

When visiting a coastal city, the ocean serves as one of the main sightseeing. Thus, there are many restaurants on the Dubai coast. What can be more pleasant than admiring the ocean, a setting sun, and its rays that glare on the water surface while having a romantic dinner in a restaurant.

If you decide to hold a wedding celebration in a beach restaurant, then look through the list of the best venues.

  1. Jetty Lounge

The location is considered one of the best ones among beach restaurants. Comfortable sofas on a terrace, calm music, and tasty food create an excellent atmosphere for holding your celebration there. There will be enough place for all guests. Tables with sofas are arranged as separate islands. So, make sure that you’ll feel comfortable, and no one will disturb you.

      2. Shimmers

This is a high-quality café located at arm’s length from water. A picturesque view with an endless ocean, nature, and Burj Khalifa opens from invitee seats. First-class dishes, a calm atmosphere, and friendly staff are waiting for you there. Book tables and enjoy your celebration.

     3. WHITE restaurant

Do you want to spend the event on a royal scale and make sure that no one will disturb you? This location is ideal for you! Being located at the Atlantis resort, the venue guarantees a luxurious holiday. Live musicians will play classical music and create a solemn atmosphere. Guests will sit on comfortable sofas, admire the ocean and skyscrapers visible in the distance.

    4. Fish Beach Taverna

This location will please the guests who love seafood. The menu comprises various dishes with seafood, but the list is not limited to them. Various desserts, exotic dishes, appetizers, and cocktails are offered in the restaurant. Tables are placed at the distance to ensure comfortable staying and enjoying the atmosphere for all guests.

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