A little girl, enthusiastically playing with a Barbie doll, grew up and turned into a real bride herself. However, it is not necessary to part with dolls at all: a Barbie-style wedding is a bright and interesting idea, very rare and unusual. And for a girl, this is an opportunity to try on doll outfits that seemed perfect in childhood and turn into her favorite Barbie for one evening. Images of young people in the style of Barbie and Ken At a wedding in the style of Barbie, the bride must reproduce the image of the famous doll. Barbie dresses - with open shoulders, a corset, and a full skirt. 

The color scheme of Barbie's favorite colors is from pale pink to pink-purple. Therefore, a bride in a snow-white dress with open shoulders, a corset, and a full skirt should add pink to her outfit: a belt, shoes, embroidery on the dress, lace, and bows made in pink will perfectly complement the image of Barbie. Barbie likes to wear her hair loose, curled into soft curls. The festive styling is decorated with pink flowers and bows. Lace gloves and a clutch bag will put an end to the preparation of the bride's Barbie image.

 The groom who agrees to be Ken at the wedding proves his feelings for his beloved. A classic dark tuxedo, bow tie, pink shirt, and pink boutonniere will make up an outfit similar to Ken's festive outfit. Well, if the groom wears a pink or crimson jacket, then the similarity with a pair of Barbie and Ken at the wedding will be one hundred percent. Barbie will suit a delicate bouquet as a symbol of the innocence and purity of the girl. Compositions of soft pink and lilac exotic flowers are ideal for a bridal bouquet for a doll-style wedding. Traditional colors for the Barbie style - pink, lilac-lilac, light turquoise, golden are widely used for the decoration of a doll wedding. The materials needed for the wedding decor are as follows: artificial and fresh flowers, balloons, transparent draping fabrics. In order for the color combinations to be pleasing to the eye, they are complemented with white. 

The banquet hall for the wedding of Barbie and Ken should resemble a fairy-tale palace for a doll princess. Garlands of balloons, fresh flowers, hearts, pink bows on chairs, purple napkins, and white tablecloths will help to achieve this effect. Vases with orchids, violets, and other exotic flowers in white and pink shades will decorate wedding tables. The main accessories for Barbie's wedding are, of course, dolls. Elegant Barbie dolls can be placed on bedside tables near mirrors, decorate the sweet table and the entrance area with them. Seating cards for guests and bonbonnieres can be decorated with images of Barbie. 

Invitations for guests to a doll wedding An invitation card for a wedding is a wedding card, so the design of postcards is a responsible occupation. Invitations to Barbie's wedding should be the pink color beloved by girls with inserts of brighter colors, decorated with small beads, bows, flowers, and other girlish trifles. Wedding menu at the wedding There are no special requirements for wedding dishes at a doll wedding, the only thing worth paying attention to is the obligatory "sweet" "girlish" "doll" decoration of each dish. Miniature roses, bows, hearts, pebbles, and so on from vegetables, fruits, and sweet mastic. they should decorate every plate.

 The decoration of the wedding cake, of course. there should be sweet figures of Barbie and Ken playing at a wedding, symbolizing the sweet life of a young couple. Guests will not remain indifferent to the multi-story pink and white miracle of confectionery craftsmanship. The perfect car for newlyweds at a Barbie doll wedding is a pink chic car. A modern limousine or retro car needs to be decorated with bright ribbons, balloons, flowers, and a Barbie and Ken wedding couple should flaunt on the hood of the car. A themed photoshoot at the wedding of Princess Barbie Successful places for holding a winning photoshoot at a Barbie-style wedding is a beautiful well-groomed park, a country house, a river or seashore, a night city, shipboard. "Doll" colors, accessories will mark your wedding photos as the most winning and unusual of all the variety of themed weddings. Photos from a Barbie-style bachelorette party look no less advantageous.

 At a bachelorette party, girls wear bright tops and fluffy skirts specially selected for the celebration, make "doll" hairstyles and fool around at the event with might and main.  To look at the world through rose-colored glasses is not so bad - as if the concept of such a wedding proves. There is always an opportunity to return to childhood — her second motto. Barbie style is a very unusual theme for a wedding party and, if organized carefully, it will give a lot of unusual impressions and memories to everyone present!

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