A cup of black coffee, your favorite drink aroma, sometimes alone"t you live without it too? Have your great love for coffee so much that even at a wedding you want to wish to organize coffee themed wedding reception! We collected some fantastic ideas for a memorable coffee wedding.

Small secrets of wedding design

If you thinking about flowers decoration, a coffee-colored wedding you can choose muted smoky shades and deep dark tones of browns, blacks, combined with different metals.

When it"s about designing a coffee wedding, you will have to imagine a quiet family event at the fireplace covered with a thick blanket? Or do you prefer a dynamic alluring celebration with lovely loud music and cute baristas? The coffee wedding theme is suitable for a wedding celebration of two only or a big event with many guests.

You will have to combine the atmosphere of comfort and relaxation and therefore you will have a walk around antique shops trying to find the small decor pieces to obtain the required stuff to be provided for a vintage style, The biggest target is to create the smell and atmosphere of your favorite coffee.

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