Apple wedding theme is a great choice for couples who want to hold an outdoor event. The apple theme is perfect for people who love juicy fruits or gardening.

- Colors for the wedding. Apples come in a variety of shades, such as bright red, pale yellow-green, light yellow, green, and pink. Choose the wedding color scheme that best fits into your vision of the apple theme. Some couples focus on bright red colors, while others like green shades. Many people prefer to choose one main color, adding pink, green, and yellow shades. Remember, when you choose colors for an apple wedding, you are not limited by the color of the fruits themselves. The flowers on apple trees are usually pink and white, and the stems and leaves offer brown and bright green colors as accents.

- Wedding ideas. The ceremony can be arranged in different ways. You can either add just a few apple details or make guests feel like they are in an apple orchard. The best option would be to hold an event in a real apple orchard.

- Outfit. Bridesmaids can wear dresses of the colors chosen by the main bride and groom. A wedding dress with embroidered apples on the bodice or train will suit the bride, you can also choose a belt that matches the apple shade of bridesmaids' dresses. The groom's friends can wear a vest and tie in an additional or matching color of the bridesmaids' dresses.

- Flowers. Include apple shades in bouquets and flower arrangements. Consider adding small artificial candied applies to the bride's wedding bouquet. The same elements can be decorated with topiary, placed on metal skewers, or used in flower arrangements. At an autumn wedding, apples can be part of the centerpiece on the bride and groom's table.

- Wedding menu. Apples can be used not only for decoration but also for food. Ideas for apple dishes may include Waldorf salad, chocolate and apple fondue appetizers, glazed pork with apples,

apple pie. Apples can also be part of evening drinks. Guests will enjoy apple juice and apple cider, as well as an apple martini.

- Jewelry. Apple decorations can go beyond flower arrangements. Decorate the ceremony with small seedlings, place plastic apples in large buckets or baskets, placing them at the end of each row of chairs. On the dance floor, project an image of an apple tree full of fruit, a large barrel of apples will also do. Use simple tablecloths in wedding colors, pick up cloth napkins, and bow chairs with apple patterns.

- Souvenirs for guests. Guests will be pleased with bookmarks, candles, caramel apples, and even cookie cutters in the form of apples.

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